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About Us

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We are Medzone a hormone replacement clinic serving the needs of men and women throughout the US. Through the use of treatments such as testosterone and HGH therapy, we can reinstate hormonal balance. Our hormone clinic was launched back in 2009 with one goal in mind – providing superior care and treatment to men and women dealing with hormone deficiency. Our doctors and professional team understand how changing hormone levels can affect the mind and body. Our commitment is and has always been to offer the finest, bioidentical hormone therapies based on individual need – and at an affordable price.


What we do


Our doctors and professional staff focus on the needs of each individual, providing customized treatment programs designed based on the results from blood analysis and physical examination. No two people experience hormonal decline the same, which is why personalized treatment is the best option when looking for optimum results.

Through the use of bioidentical hormone medications, we can replenish the supply of dwindling hormone levels safely and effectively. By doing so, the body improves its natural brain, cellular, metabolic, immune, and sexual functions. Under our care and supervision, our clients experience a rebalancing of their hormone levels. The results are seen in improvements in weight, energy, sleep, libido, health, emotional stability, memory, and quality of life.

Welcome to Medzone Clinic

Welcome to Medzone Clinic

Our History

Some of the milestones in our company’s history are listed below:

  • 2009 – The founding and creation of our hormone replacement clinic, which provided information, diagnostic testing services, treatment, and support to adults experiencing problems within their endocrine system;


  • 2011 – Representatives from our clinic took part in a study of sex hormone production problems and their impact on quality of life for both genders, in conjunction with the support of  the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists (;


  • 2013 – Founding of Los Angeles “Medzone” clinic and the sponsoring of our own hormone research therapy laboratory;



  • 2015 – Representatives from our clinic took part in the International Diabetes and Endocrinology Conference; launching of our first scholarship for medical students of California;


  • 2017 – Launching of our new regional clinic departments in Boston and New York;


  • 2018 – Launching of our local offices in Florida and Texas.

Our Goals

There is only one goal that matters when discussing hormone replacement therapy – the goal of the client for what he or she wants to achieve. That is why our medical advisors take the time during the phone consultations to address individual concerns. By understanding what is important to each person, our doctors can then target the treatment to achieve those results.

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We Are Here For You

Calls to our clinic are answered in a timely manner, ensuring that each person receives the necessary information they request. Our highly trained staff provides these superior services to each client to ensure satisfaction and results.

Quality Level at Medzone
Quality level

Quality is of the utmost importance in everything we do – from the medications we prescribe to the care and service we bring to our clients. Our doctors prescribe only the highest quality brands of hormone replacement therapy medications. We also work with some of the leading compounding pharmacies in the US to offer our clients affordable options for certain types of treatment.

Our Doctors and Team - Medzone Clinic
Doctors And Team

Our doctors are board-certified physicians with advanced experience in the field of hormone therapy. They bring their knowledge and results to each of our clients. Together with our highly-trained medical advisors, dedicated nurses, and caring support staff, they provide exceptional service to men and women in need of hormone replacement.

Smiling male patient of Medzone

We measure our achievements in terms of our patients’ results. When the men and women who put their trust in us reach the milestones they desire, we know we have achieved our goals. Each day, we hear about improvements in sexual performance and satisfaction, more youthful looking skin, increased energy, better health, and sharper memory.