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Injections of Testosterone – How It Works

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Men seeking injections of testosterone to combat the symptoms of low testosterone (Low T) should engage in research about this medication before starting treatment. Although testosterone therapy has been safely used since the 1930s, that does not mean it is for everyone. In this review, we look at low testosterone treatment details, including the different types of injection, positive and negative effects of treatment, details of usage, and provide answers to many commonly asked questions about what to expect from testosterone replacement therapy (TRT).

Testosterone injections are the best way to increase testosterone levels. The cost is lower than all other forms of treatment, and there are fewer side effects and risks. Most of all, injections of testosterone are the fastest way to get testosterone into your bloodstream, providing the quickest results.

It may be tempting to save money, skip the doctor, and purchase testosterone online. However, that is also the best way to wind up with counterfeit or potentially dangerous products that could damage rather than harm health. The purpose of TRT is to restore balance to the body’s testosterone levels to improve all the functions regulated by testosterone. For this to happen, a hormone doctor must carefully test testosterone and other hormone levels to determine the best treatment for each man. Getting testosterone from a licensed US pharmacy is also the only legal way to purchase TRT.

Highlights on Testosterone Injections Being Prescribed

There are many advantages of testosterone injections, as we touched on in the previous section. When testosterone is injected into one of the body’s large muscles, such as the thigh or buttocks, it slowly absorbs into the bloodstream over a matter of days or weeks – depending on the type of injectable. Some men report a surge in energy or feeling of emotional well-being within a day or two of their injection. With other forms of testosterone, it takes longer for the initial response. That also causes overall results to be slower.

Injections of testosterone also reduce the risk of cross-contamination to other people who may come into contact with the treated skin or touch a used patch. Not only are testosterone injections safe for the individual and others, but they are extremely affordable since most insurance companies do not cover this treatment.

  • Doctors

Hormone specialists are the best doctors to prescribe testosterone as they focus their practice on the endocrine system – home to hormone production. Other physicians may not have the knowledge and experience necessary to prescribe TRT accurately. There are additional medications essential to help ensure that a man using testosterone therapy does not lose his natural testosterone production.

  • Cost

Testosterone injections are significantly lower in price than other forms of treatment. Most men will find that they spend less than two hundred dollars per month as compared to over five hundred or more for different types of TRT.

  • Contraindications

Testosterone replacement is contraindicated if a man has prostate or other types of cancer, severe sleep apnea, blood clots, or severe congestive heart failure. Always discuss any medical conditions or concerns with the doctor before starting treatment.

Injections of testosterone safely raise a man’s testosterone levels when they are too low to provide the necessary benefits to the body.

Types of Testosterone Injections for TRT

Although there are various types of injections of testosterone available for sale, that does not mean they are all safe to use to treat testosterone deficiency. Men with Low T must not only do their research, but they must also speak with a hormone specialist to determine the best option for their personal needs.

Here is a list of the different types of testosterone injections:

  • Testosterone cypionate: the most widely prescribed form of injectable testosterone. Not only is testosterone cypionate the safest, most effective type of testosterone, it is also the lowest in cost. The average period for injecting testosterone cypionate at home is once every 10 to 14 days.
  • Testosterone enanthate: although also a popular form of testosterone therapy, there have been some warnings about a possible increase in blood pressure. These risks are rare, and many men have used testosterone enanthate, injected once every 5 to 7 days, with good results.
  • Testosterone undecanoate: under no circumstances do we recommend this long-lasting form of injectable testosterone. Aside from its extremely high cost, it has significant risk factors of allergic reactions and severe breathing problems. Patients can only receive this in a doctor’s office and must remain present for at least 30 minutes following treatment.
  • Testosterone propionate: this short-lasting form of testosterone requires frequent treatments every few days. Not only is the cost significantly higher than testosterone cypionate, but so is the risk of potentially dangerous side effects. Some doctors may prescribe it only for a short term in men who have extremely low testosterone levels causing severe symptoms. Testosterone propionate is NOT for long-term treatment of Low T.
  • Aqueous testosterone suspension: unlike the other forms of injectable testosterone, this one contains no ester, rendering its time in the body only hours, not days. It is an extremely painful and expensive injection that carries many risks.

Injections of testosterone are low in cost, safe to use, and fast-acting

Most Common Concerns About Testosterone Injections

We are often asked one primary question – is injectable testosterone safe – by men who suffer from symptoms of testosterone deficiency. The answer is yes, injections of testosterone are safe – but only when used as prescribed. Here are answers to other frequently asked questions:

 Can doctors prescribe testosterone injections to any man with symptoms of Low T?

No, a man must first undergo a physical examination and blood analysis to determine if he can benefit from testosterone injections, and if so, in what dosage. A detailed health history questionnaire is also necessary to complete to ensure there are no contraindicated conditions present.

Are There Any Allergic Reactions to Testosterone Injections?

A man could have an allergic reaction if he has an allergy to any of the ingredients in testosterone cypionate (our recommended form of treatment). It is essential to mention all allergies to the doctor before starting treatment. Itching, rash, and hives are the most common allergic reactions. Report any issues to the doctor at once, seeking emergency treatment if the reactions become severe or life-threatening.

Can Testosterone Injections Cause Cancer?

Significant research has shown the testosterone injections do not cause or increase the risk of cancer.

Does Testosterone Injections Cause Hair Loss?

Hair loss typically occurs when DHT (dihydrotestosterone) levels get too high. The body naturally converts some of the excess free testosterone into DHT. If there is a concern, the doctor may prescribe a medication to block the conversion. Most men find their hair growth improves with testosterone therapy.

Anxiety After Testosterone Injection: Is It Possible?

Although it is not common, some men may experience an increase in anxiety after a testosterone injection. Most men find that their stress, anxiety, and other issues decrease rather than increase.

Can Testosterone Injections Increase Sperm Count?

No, testosterone therapy can actually decrease sperm count. That is why we discuss the prospect of fertility and conception with men before prescribing TRT. Testosterone injections increase the level of testosterone in the bloodstream, which is beneficial for the body’s androgen receptors. However, sensing higher serum testosterone levels, the hypothalamus decreases signals to the pituitary gland to send testosterone-stimulating hormones to the testes. With less testicular testosterone available to aid spermatogenesis, a man’s sperm count could decline. We can use other medications to help stimulate natural testosterone production to improve sperm cell maturation.

Is It Safe to Combine Testosterone With Alcohol?

Alcohol and testosterone injections do not mix. The consumption of alcohol can decrease testosterone levels in the body. Also, alcohol can boost the level of testosterone in the brain, increasing aggressive behaviors.

How Do You Get Off Testosterone Injections?

For men seeking information for how to get off testosterone, this is an action that must be done in conjunction with a hormone specialist. Once a man stops using TRT, his testosterone levels will decline significantly unless he receives a medication such as clomid or HCG to boost natural testosterone production.

By understanding all aspects of using injections of testosterone, a man can safely increase his testosterone levels under a doctor’s care and supervision.

Details Of Usage Of Testosterone Injections

In this section, we provide some details of the usage of injections of testosterone:

  • Best Place to Inject Testosterone

When self-administering testosterone at home, the best place to inject the medication is the thigh muscle. In a doctor’s office, the shots are often given in either the thigh or the buttocks.

  • How Long to Feel Effects of Testosterone Injections

The purpose of TRT is to bring improved functions and well-being to the body. That is why most men ask how long to feel effects that the testosterone is working. An increase in energy is often one of the first signs and can occur within hours to a few days – depending on how a man’s body metabolizes and reacts to the testosterone. Other benefits continue to arrive over the next few weeks and months.

  • What to Expect from Testosterone Injections

Most men will experience improvements in mood, weight loss, sex drive and performance, muscle mass, bone density, energy, sleep, and quality of life.

  • Side Effects of Too Much Testosterone Injections

Taking testosterone when it is not needed, such as for sports or bodybuilding enhancement, is dangerous, as is injecting more than prescribed by a doctor. The side effects of too much testosterone injections include adult acne, breast enlargement, aggressive and risky behaviors, worsening of sleep apnea, infertility, and increased risk of heart attack or stroke.

  • Needle Gauge Used for Testosterone Injection

The best size needle for injecting testosterone is between 22 and 25. Most men will use a 22 or 23-gauge needle.

Complete instructions for the usage of injections of testosterone will come with the medication kit.

Best Prescribed Testosterone Injection Medications In Our Experts’ Opinion

With years of experience treating men with low testosterone, our doctors believe the best option is testosterone cypionate injections. They have the most economical cost of testosterone injections without insurance, provide superior results and reduced risk of side effects, and are easy to use at home.

We are happy to discuss the use of injections of testosterone with any man who believes he may be suffering from symptoms of Low T. Please contact our hormone clinic for a free, confidential consultation by phone.

Injections of testosterone should only be used when prescribed by a hormone specialist following blood testing and physical examination.
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