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Injections of Growth Hormone

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For adults diagnosed with growth hormone deficiency (GHD), HGH injections can alter their present physical state and improve the prognosis for the future. Growth hormone may serve the purpose of fueling growth in the adolescent body, but in adults, its functions go well beyond that role.

What do HGH injections do for the adult body?

HGH therapy serves a crucial purpose – increasing the amount of human growth hormone available for the body’s receptor cells to use. Without enough growth hormone, many of the receptor cells will not be able to perform their functions, resulting in significant physiological, physical, mental, and emotional issues.

How do HGH injections work?

Human growth hormone, also called somatropin, is the laboratory synthesized, biologically identical version of somatotropin, the growth hormone secreted by the pituitary gland. Because HGH is identical in structure to growth hormone, the receptors readily accept its binding signals to initiate their actions.

What is HGH injection criteria for use by adults?

Men and women must receive a diagnosis of growth hormone deficiency from a doctor before using HGH injections. Blood analysis and physical examination completion are required as part of the diagnostic process.

HGH injections increase the amount of human growth hormone available for the body’s growth hormone receptor cells to use when a deficiency is present.

Definition and Purpose of Injectable HGH for Adults

Human growth hormone therapy provides adults with GHD the supplemental hormones necessary to fulfill critical physiological functions.

What are HGH injections made of, and how are they made?

Scientists discovered a way to use recombinant DNA technology to isolate genes (pieces of DNA) and attach them to other DNA. They could then combine them with some form of bacteria to create a different substance. HGH injections use the E-coli bacteria and messenger RNA molecules to provide the specific coding instructions for the HGH protein production. HGH consists of the same 191 amino acids as somatotropin, structured in an identical single chain. That is why HGH is bioidentical to growth hormone. The production process features multiple, time-consuming, and expensive steps to create the final medication.

The purpose of HGH shots is to give the body an additional supply of human growth hormone to make up for what the pituitary gland does not produce. As a person ages, starting in his or her twenties, the pituitary gland decreases growth hormone production. Traumatic head injuries, brain tumors, certain illnesses and medications, and other factors can also influence and decrease GH secretion.

Are HGH injections legal for adult use?

Only adults with medically diagnosed GHD can purchase HGH injections. A prescription is necessary before a pharmacy can sell human growth hormones. HGH is not legal for the purpose of sports enhancement or bodybuilding.

Where can I get HGH injections?

The only legitimate place to get HGH injections is from a licensed pharmacy. Most of the companies selling HGH online operate illegally. Studies have shown as much as 96% of all websites selling medications do not adhere to proper pharmaceutical guidelines. Because counterfeit HGH is rampant overseas, it is extremely dangerous to consider this type of purchase.

Pharmaceutical HGH injections are bioidentical to naturally produced growth hormone.

Types of HGH Injections

The molecular structure of somatotropin/somatropin is so large that it cannot pass through the skin the way some other hormones can. Unlike testosterone, which can enter the bloodstream via transdermal patches, creams, and gels, only HGH injections can get human growth hormones to where they need to go. That is not to say that other types of HGH medications may not be available in the future. Research is currently underway to create different forms of human growth hormone therapy. It is just that none have yet to be synthesized and approved as viable alternatives to HGH injections.

We provide a look at the different types of HGH products you may find for sale online or in stores or pharmacies:

  • Pills, Sprays, and Drops

These products are not real HGH – nor do they contain the 191 amino acid single chain polypeptides you find in HGH injections. Instead, these items are often a blend of various amino acids and other substances that state the purpose of boosting natural growth hormone production. Unfortunately, studies on the effects of these products have shown no significant benefits.

  • Injections with Pens

The most convenient way to administer human growth hormone therapy is with HGH injection pens. The options vary depending on the pharmaceutical company. Some pens feature replaceable cartridges containing either HGH liquid solution ready to use or freeze-dried (lyophilized) HGH powder in need of reconstitution. Other pens are all-in-one units that are discarded once empty. A benefit of these pens is that determining how much HGH to inject is easy when simply dialing the dosage.

  • Needles and Syringes

The standard form of obtaining HGH injections, as well as the least expensive, is by purchasing the lyophilized HGH in vials. Following reconstitution with a provided diluent, the HGH is ready to administer using insulin syringes and needles.

Only pharmaceutical HGH injections provide real human growth hormones to the body and are available in various forms.

Benefits and Possible Side Effects of HGH Injections

It is only necessary to seek HGH therapy when symptoms associated with GHD are present. Although GH levels do decline with age, the body is designed to adjust to these changes. Only when that adjustment does not take place are growth hormone replacement therapy benefits likely.

In the two sections below, we look at the benefits and side effects of HGH injections:

Positive Effect of Injectable HGH Therapy

The goal of HGH therapy is to provide positive results to counteract GHD symptoms. HGH injection therapy offers the following benefits:

  • A decrease in fat mass (especially waist circumference)
  • Increase in lean muscle mass, tissue hydration, and strength
  • Improved exercise capacity and results
  • Better sleep
  • More energy and endurance
  • Decreased C-reactive protein, interleukin-6, and TNF-a inflammation markers
  • Increased bone mineral density and reduced fracture risk
  • Improved cell regeneration resulting in more collagen and elastin to firm and tighten the skin – less sagging and wrinkles
  • Thicker, fuller hair growth
  • Stronger nails
  • Better endothelial function
  • Enhanced coronary blood flow and left ventricular diastolic function
  • Reduced carotid intima-media thickness – lowers coronary disease risk
  • Increased insulin growth factor 1 hormone secretion
  • Improved HDL to LDL cholesterol ratio – lower LDL and total cholesterol
  • Sharper brain functions, including learning, focus, memory storage, and recall
  • Happier mood – less stress, anxiety, and depression
  • Enhanced feelings of sexual desire
  • Faster arousal and more powerful orgasms
  • Better erectile function for men and vaginal lubrication for women
  • Improved quality of life

Adverse Effects of Injectable HGH

One of the most asked questions is this: are HGH injections safe for adults to use?

Yes, HGH therapy is safe, but that does not mean there will never be adverse effects. All medications, even those sold over-the-counter, carry potential risks. The possibility of HGH injection side effects increases with abuse, misuse, or illegal use of human growth hormone therapy. Possible side effects that could occur if growth hormone levels get too high include:

  • Joint, nerve, or muscle pain
  • Swelling in the joints due to fluid retention (edema)
  • Back pain or headache
  • Insulin resistance
  • Cold-like symptoms
  • Numbness or tingling
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • High cholesterol

The most commonly described side effect of HGH injections is a reaction at the injection site. Some people may experience pain, redness, swelling, irritation, or itching. These reactions typically disappear on their own. If side effects such as the ones mentioned above occur and persist, the doctor may lower the dosage until they disappear.

For adults with GHD, the benefits of HGH injections far outweigh the potential side effects.

Reviews of Our Patients on the Usage of Injectable HGH

Our patients’ reviews speak for themselves. We often tell people to take before and after pictures to document their journey. Why? Because restoring growth hormone balance will help transform body composition and the appearance of one’s skin and hair. Many people tell us they look years younger after five or six months of HGH treatment.

I don't particularly like going to doctors – I never have. That is why I jumped at the chance at a free phone consultation with a medical advisor at your hormone clinic. I could ask my questions in a judgment-free place with no one else around. After learning all about growth hormone deficiency, I knew I needed to get tested. I am so glad I did because my growth hormone levels were very low. After discussing the various types of HGH injections, I selected the prefilled disposable syringes because they are perfect for travel as I am away from home frequently. It's only been a few months, but so far, the results have been better than I expected.

Bob, 63 years old
On HGH Injections

When I contacted your clinic, I thought the doctor would tell me I needed testosterone injections. That was why I was surprised to hear I would do better with HGH therapy, as that was my primary problem, according to my blood test results. Although my testosterone levels were slightly low, my growth hormone tests came back even worse. Since starting HGH injections a few months ago, I feel like a new man. I have more focus, drive, energy, and stamina in all areas of my life.

Jonathan, 47 years old
On HGH Injections

I thought I was having symptoms of pre-menopause while I was still in my late forties. However, my gynecologist said that was not the case. My family physician said to get used to aging. Luckily, a friend suggested that I call your clinic after she started to see great results with HGH injections. It turned out that I had low growth hormone levels, which were the cause of my issues (fatigue, insomnia, weight gain, low libido, vaginal dryness, mood swings, and forgetfulness). Within only two months of starting HGH therapy, my symptoms began to disappear.

Emma, 51 years old
On HGH Injections

Application: FAQ About Growth Hormone Injections

Treatment with HGH injections is a personalized protocol designed for each individual by the hormone doctor. Frequency of treatment and dosages are based on the body’s need, as shown by blood test results and physical examination findings. The hormone doctor takes a person’s health, body composition, level of deficiency, gender, age, and severity of symptoms into effect when determining treatment.

The following is pertinent information about the use of HGH injections by adults:

How to Inject HGH?

Instructions for how to take HGH vary depending on the injector style selected. That may alter the preparation of the HGH solution and daily injection. Most people will find that the entire process takes only a few minutes per day. All instructions and supplies accompany the HGH medication shipment. Online video links demonstrate the process.

Always remember to wash hands with soap and water and dry with a clean towel before preparing and administering the HGH medication. Also, check the solution for discoloration, crystals, and expiration dates before each injection. Dispose of all needles and syringes in the Sharps container and keep medications and supplies out of reach of children and pets.

Where to Inject HGH?

In the instructions for how to use HGH injections, the most commonly recommended site is the abdomen. It is accessible to reach and provides superior absorption into the bloodstream. With a large working area, it is easy to alternate sides, staying one inch away from the belly button.

When Is the Best Time to Inject HGH?

Based on personal needs, the doctor will determine the best time to take HGH injections for each individual. The majority of people will administer HGH at night, before bed. That allows it to mimic the natural secretion and use cycle. However, some people may do better with morning injections.

How Often to Inject HGH?

Most people will administer daily HGH injections for a period of four to six months before undergoing retesting of their hormone levels. In some cases, the doctor may recommend changes to the daily schedule. Again, human growth hormone therapy is customized to each person’s needs.

What Happens When You Stop Taking HGH?

Another common question is, what happens when you stop taking HGH injections? Because of how hormones influence the body, the answer here can also vary significantly. For some people, the benefits of HGH therapy extend to their ability to engage in regular exercise. By making healthy lifestyle changes and incorporating better sleep, diet, stress management, and exercise habits, they can help their bodies naturally increase growth hormone production. They will be able to extend their benefits without continuing treatment.

Some people make no changes at all, and when they go off HGH therapy, they may discover that their growth hormone levels slowly decline. That can cause a gradual return of their prior symptoms.

Of course, some people also remain on HGH therapy indefinitely, which is safe to do under doctor supervision. Through regular testing and communication, the hormone specialist can lower or adjust the HGG dosage as necessary.

Remember, HGH therapy is only safe when used as prescribed by a doctor for the treatment of adult Growth Hormone Deficiency (GHD). Contact us for free!

The Best And Most Effective HGH Injections

The best human growth hormone injections are the ones that come from licensed, regulated pharmacies in the USA. Do not purchase HGH injections online from unregulated or overseas sources. Also, do not buy human growth hormones for sale without a valid prescription.

Remember, HGH therapy is only safe when used as prescribed by a doctor for the treatment of adult GHD. Do not use HGH for illegal purposes such as bodybuilding, anti-aging, or athletic enhancement.

Where can I get HGH injections near me?

No matter where you live in the US, we can help. Our hormone clinic offers free consultations by phone with our experienced medical advisors. Diagnostic testing is through a national chain of laboratories with locations throughout the country. Our knowledgeable doctors are hormone specialists, able to prescribe the most current and effective bioidentical hormone replacement treatments for men and women. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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