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HGH Injections For Sale

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Injectable Human Growth Hormone for Sale in USA

Adults looking for legitimate and effective Growth Hormone Injections for sale need look no further. Our hormone clinic provides the highest-quality injectable human growth hormone at affordable cheap prices. Only HGH injections contain real human growth hormones. All other products, such as pills, drops, lotions, and sprays, are not real HGH.

GH medication has one purpose – to increase the amount of GH in the body to foster healthy physiological functions. When using HGH injections, you give back to the body what it is missing due to reduced pituitary gland production of growth hormone.

Legal HGH brands consist solely of injections purchased from licensed US pharmacies. No other form of HGH is legal in the US. Buying Human Growth Hormone online without a doctor’s prescription is illegal and can result in judicial action that could include fines and jail time.

Other potential issues that could occur when buying injectable HGH online without a prescription include:

  • Fraudulent companies that take money and send nothing in return
  • Identity theft
  • Unexpected or excessive charges
  • Counterfeit HGH – could contain toxic ingredients or bacterial residue
  • Diluted, switched, or expired drugs

Details About HGH Injections

Not all supplements of Growth Hormone are the same. Only injectable human growth hormone from licensed US pharmacies has the guarantee that it contains real HGH. Items such as sprays, lotions, pills, and drops are merely blends of various amino acids and other supplements.

The fine print on their packaging often mentions that they are “releasers” or “boosters” – products that claim to help promote increase growth hormone production. They do not directly provide supplemental dosing of HGH to the body like injections. Studies have shown these supplements to be ineffective at raising growth hormone levels.

Here are some essential details about HGH injections:

  • How It Works

Injectable human growth hormone works by binding with growth hormone receptor cells to carry out their functions. It makes up for the shortage in pituitary GH that can occur for many reasons.

  • Types

The various types of real Growth Hormone include vials containing lyophilized HGH powder as well as assorted varieties of injector pens.

  • Cost

The cost of HGH therapy varies, dependent on which brand and injector style you select, as well as the dosage of medication prescribed by the doctor. We strive to make injectable human growth hormone therapy affordable for everyone who needs it.

  • Prescription

A valid doctor’s prescription is necessary to buy HGH injections. The purpose of physician authorization for HGH is to minimize the risk of side effects. Only a doctor can determine who can benefit from HGH due to low growth hormone levels, and in what dosage. A prescription also enables the purchase of safe Growth Hormone as opposed to turning to unregulated websites and winding up with counterfeit and potentially dangerous HGH.

List of Growth Hormone Injections in Our Store

Our doctors have researched all brands of injectable human growth hormone to determine which ones are best to prescribe. The following HGH Injections provide superior results:

  • Humatrope: Eli Lilly provides Humatrope in standard 5 mg vials containing lyophilized HGH powder. You can also purchase the HumatroPen injector device in 6, 12, and 24 mg sizes.
  • Genotropin: Pfizer offers HGH in 5 and 12 mg pens featuring replaceable two-chamber cartridges. MiniQuick provides HGH therapy in single-dose, prefilled disposable syringes that are room-temperature stable for up to three months.
  • Norditropin: Novo Nordisk provides Norditropin in 5, 10, 15, and 30 mg FlexPro pens that can be stored at room temperature for up to three weeks following the first use.
  • Omnitrope: Sandoz offers Omnitrope in standard vial and syringe format as well as 5 and 10 mg injector pens with replaceable cartridges that come already premixed.
  • Saizen: EMD Serono provides Saizen in 5 and 8.8 mg vials. The 8.8 mg vials can also be used in the Saizen click.easy device.
  • Serostim: EMD Serono supplies Serostim HGH in 5 and 6 mg single-dose vials and 4 mg multi-dose vials for the treatment of HIV/AIDS-associated wasting or cachexia.
  • Sermorelin: Unlike HGH, which directly increases GH levels, sermorelin, supplied in vials, boosts natural GH production by the pituitary gland. It is a more affordable treatment for those who do not yet have a severe growth hormone deficiency.
  • Zorbtive: EMD Serono supplies Zorbtive in single-dose vials for the treatment of short bowel syndrome.
  • Zomacton: Ferring Pharmaceuticals offers Zomacton in 5 mg vials to be used with standard insulin syringes. 10 mg vials of Zomacton can be used with the ZOMA-Jet, a needle-free delivery system.

Please call our hormone clinic for additional information about getting these Injectable HGH or buy it on-line. We offer free consultations to men and women looking to learn more about getting injectable human growth hormone for sale in the US.

Where to Purchase HGH Injections

Medzone Clinic is America’s premier supplier of injectable HGH that is certified to be pure and free of any harmful additives. When you visit the user-friendly site, you can select from a range of options, including a variety of manufacturers.

The kits come with everything you need to get started. Because using needles is understandably tricky for some people, many patients prefer to begin their HGH supplementation in the safety of a clinic before taking charge themselves.

Never trust unlicensed manufacturers from third-world countries like India or China. The production of quality HGH depends on the utilization of advanced technology in functional laboratories.

Quality-tested, respected US brands of HGH include:

  • Norditropin
  • Omnitrope
  • Humatrope
  • Genotropin
  • Saizen
  • Zomacton

Never sacrifice quality/safety to save money. Your health is worth more. Rely on trusted products that have been certified.

How to Buy HGH Online

You should limit your online purchase to real companies operating within the US to guarantee that you get a genuine, high-quality product delivered to your door.

For the best HGH products at the most reasonable prices, visit us online. There you’ll find a list of options at the top. You can search for your preferred product or browse through the inventory on the site.

Our helpful team is available to help you with any questions. You can contact them by phone at +1 (818) 232 5775 or via email at [email protected].

All of the products found on the site are legitimate and safe treatments for growth hormone deficiency.

HGH Injection Prices

The price of synthetic HGH and the injection materials varies depending on the manufacturer, the dosage, and the type of product. The “pens” come ready to use with a focus on an easy-to-understand system. The component parts are a breeze to exchange. This is a great option for people who travel. They are also quicker than syringe kits and more pain-free.

The syringe kits come with vials of HGH that the user titrates himself or herself. The vials must be refrigerated and generally stay good for 28 days when kept cool. Dozens of options exist for consumers. To help you understand the difference in prices among manufacturers and products, take a look at this handy chart:

Manufacturer Product Price
Genotropin / Pfizer Genotropin Mixer ® 5mg
Genotropin Mixer ® 12mg
Genotropin MiniQuick Pen ® 0.2 mg
Genotropin MiniQuick Pen ® 0.4 mg
Genotropin MiniQuick Pen ® 0.6 mg
Genotropin MiniQuick Pen ® 0.8 mg
Genotropin MiniQuick Pen ® 1.0 mg
Genotropin MiniQuick Pen ® 1.2 mg
Genotropin MiniQuick Pen ® 1.4 mg
Genotropin MiniQuick Pen ® 1.6 mg
Genotropin MiniQuick Pen ® 1.8 mg
Genotropin MiniQuick Pen ® 2.0mg
Norditropin / Novo Nordisk FlexPro® Pen 5mg
FlexPro® Pen 10mg
FlexPro® Pen 15mg
Norditropin NordiFlex pen 30mg
Not available
Zomacton / Ferring Vial 5mg
Vial 10mg
Humatrope / Eli Lilly Humatrope® Vial 5mg
HumatroPen® 6mg
HumatroPen® 12 mg
HumatroPen® 24 mg
Saizen / Merck Serono Vial 5mg
Vial 8.8mg® 2 device
Not available
Zorbtive / EMD Serono Zorbitive Vial 8.8 mg $15,000
Serostim / EMD Serono Vial 4mg
Vial 5mg
Vial 6mg® 2 device
Not available

Cheapest Growth Hormone Injections

When you order your high-quality, proven-effective HGH from Medzone, you can expect your delivery in a few business days. We guarantee the cheapest price on these US-sourced GH injectables.

You need a valid prescription to purchase Injectable Growth Hormone that works from licensed US pharmacies.