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Testosterone Replacement Prescription

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With the current revolution in healthcare, and men and women looking to find more holistic ways of treating their symptoms, it should come as no surprise that getting a testosterone replacement prescription is often the subject of discussion. Below, we review the reasons for getting a prescription for testosterone therapy, contraindications, legality, safety, and how to receive treatment.

Doctor-prescribed testosterone injections have many benefits, including:

  • restoring sexual desire and functions
  • reducing fat mass
  • increasing lean muscle and bone density
  • improving heart health and circulation
  • decreasing depression
  • supporting healthy brain functions
  • enhancing sleep
  • increasing energy

Because testosterone is a controlled substance, a prescription is necessary to facilitate the purchase.

A testosterone replacement prescription is necessary before buying testosterone medications.

Reasons For Testosterone Replacement Prescription

Men and women have many reasons to want a testosterone replacement prescription. A natural decrease in testosterone production occurs throughout adulthood. After many years, a reduction in testosterone levels could lead to significant problems.

A hormone doctor may prescribe testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) to adults for the following reasons with clinically validated low serum testosterone levels:

  • weight gain due to metabolic dysfunction
  • loss of muscle and bone
  • sexual irregularities and decline
  • female infertility (not male infertility as TRT can worsen sperm count)
  • certain types of female breast cancer
  • HIV-associated weight loss and androgen deficiency
  • Anemia due to low testosterone and decreased red blood cell production
  • Other symptoms associated with low testosterone

Reasons to get a testosterone replacement prescription include symptoms associated with low testosterone.

Cases in Which Testosterone Replacement is Forbidden

Testosterone replacement therapy is one of the safest forms of hormone replacement, having been used well over 70 years. Whether in receipt of Dr. prescribed testosterone injections, testosterone gel, cream, or patches, or transbuccal tablets, there are only a handful of cases where testosterone would not be safe for use.

The following conditions are contraindicated for receipt of a testosterone replacement prescription:

  • Women who are pregnant or trying to become pregnant
  • Current, active cancer
  • Hypersensitivity (allergy) to any of the ingredients in the testosterone medication

Presence of severe renal, hepatic, or cardiac disease

If you suffer from Testosterone deficiency and need a prescription make sure you are getting valid TRT prescription and purchase medications legally from licensed US pharmacies.

More About Testosterone Replacement Prescription

The issues below frequently arise in conversions with people looking to get a testosterone replacement prescription. We include this section to provide additional clarity about TRT:

  • Legal Purchase

Testosterone is a controlled substance. That means it requires a prescription before purchasing in the US. Any licensed and regulated pharmacy in the United States can sell testosterone medications to adults who possess a valid prescription.

  • Safe Use

The safety of testosterone has been proven in numerous studies and with over 70 years of use. However, it is not safe to use testosterone in any form unless a doctor prescribes it. The use of testosterone for sports or bodybuilding purposes or enhancement is not safe (it is also illegal). Individuals who increase testosterone levels too high may suffer from a variety of potentially dangerous side effects.

  • Online Purchase

Buying medications online is dangerous. The National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) researches websites that sell prescription drugs. Of the more than 12,000 surveyed in the latest study, only approximately 4% were within proper and approved dispensing guidelines.

  • Without Prescription

Buying testosterone without a prescription has many consequences:

  1. It is impossible to know how much testosterone to use or if it is even necessary without doctor authorization
  2. Illegal purchase of testosterone can lead to prosecution
  3. Medications purchased illegally are subject to confiscation upon entering the US
  4. Counterfeit testosterone is rampant overseas and often shipped to the US

Getting a testosterone replacement prescription is contraindicated in only a few situations.

How to Get Testosterone Prescribed in Our Clinic

The process of getting a testosterone replacement prescription begins with a free consultation by phone with one of our medical advisors. If the reported symptoms are possible signs of hormonal imbalance, the steps below are the next to complete:

  • Online medical history questionnaire
  • A blood test at a nearby laboratory
  • Physical exam with a local doctor

Once the above results and records arrive at our hormone clinic, our doctor will determine candidacy for TRT. If low testosterone is the diagnosis, we will provide a prescription for testosterone as well as an affordable testosterone replacement therapy price based on the required treatment.

For the best service, experienced care, and affordable testosterone treatment, contact our hormone clinic for a free consultation today.

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