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HGH Prescription

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Why is HGH prescribed by a doctor? Hormone replacement therapy of any kind has a specific purpose – bringing balance back to the level of a hormone that is deficient in the body. The body’s hormones are its chemical messengers, relaying crucial signals and binding with receptor cells to initiate specific actions. When hormone levels decline, many functions and systems can suffer. As we delve into the subject of why is HGH prescribed by doctors for adults, we also look at its legality, purposes for use, and who the best physician is to contact for human growth hormone therapy.

Often thought of as a treatment for children suffering from short stature, growth hormone therapy is also beneficial to adults with low GH levels. Growth hormone has critical functions for the body at every age – changing as we go through life. During adolescence, GH helps fuel physical development and growth.

Why is Growth Hormone prescribed to adults?

In adulthood, growth hormone performs the following roles:

  • generates new cells
  • supports metabolism
  • strengthens immunity
  • enhances sexual desire and performance
  • sharpens brain functions
  • promotes heart health
  • assists emotional stability
  • maintains the balance of other hormone levels
  • supports sleep and energy

These are only some of the reasons for adults to get an HGH prescription from a doctor. A physician will also prescribe HGH so that the individual in question knows how much human growth hormone to inject for his or her body’s needs.

Discovering why HGH is prescribed to adults can help determine if treatment can be beneficial for symptoms of growth hormone deficiency.

Reasons Why HGH Can Be Prescribed

There are various reasons why doctors prescribe HGH therapy to adults. Ultimately, we look to the pituitary gland – the producer of growth hormone – to find out if there are problems such as an injury or tumor that could be blocking GH production. The hypothalamus, which sends the critical signals that stimulate growth hormone production, could also be a cause of the decline if it has a tumor or an injury.

Why is HGH prescribed to adults if there is a tumor or injury to the hypothalamus or pituitary gland?

In either case, a tumor or injury can influence hormone secretion. Radiation, surgery, or chemotherapy can also lead to problems with hormone release. Any issue that can lead to interference with the blood supply to the pituitary gland may also impact GH production.

How does childhood growth hormone deficiency impact the adult need for HGH therapy?

Some adults who experienced growth hormone deficiency as children may also require continued treatment throughout their lives. The doctor may try to use ipamorelin or sermorelin to stimulate GH production. However, if that does not work, HGH injections can help protect the body from the decline and breakdown associated with GH deficiency.

Are there other reasons why HGH is prescribed to adults?

Yes, some illnesses, infections, treatments, and medications can lead to growth hormone decline. There are also times when a doctor may not be able to pinpoint the reason why GH levels are so low that they cause problems. However, if blood test results and symptoms support a GH deficiency diagnosis, the physician may prescribe HGH therapy.

Why is HGH prescribed to adults? The simple answer is to combat the symptoms associated with growth hormone deficiency.

Is It Legal to Use Growth Hormone?

There are legalities to the use of human growth hormone injections for adults. In this section, we look at when HGH is legal to use and when it is not. We also answer questions about buying HGH injections online, both with and without a prescription.

Why is HGH prescribed for legal use in adults?

Doctors prescribe HGH injections when a man or woman experiences symptoms associated with a confirmed decline in growth hormone levels. GH decline can weaken the heart, immune system, bones, and muscles. Low growth hormone levels interfere with metabolism, brain functions, emotional well-being, sex drive, motivation, insulin regulation, and daily life.

When is HGH legal for adult use?

HGH therapy is only legal when a person has a verified growth hormone deficiency, as shown by blood test and physical examination results.

When is Growth Hormone illegal for use by adults?

It is illegal to use HGH injections for any purpose other than those specified. The most common unlawful uses of HGH are anti-aging, bodybuilding, and athletic or sports enhancement.

Is it legal to buy HGH online without a prescription?

No, buying HGH without a prescription in any way, online or from another individual, is illegal. The purchase and possession of HGH injections without authorization may result in prosecution. The only way to know if your body can benefit from HGH is with a valid prescription from a doctor following the required diagnostic testing.

Is it legal to buy GH online with a prescription?

Once you have a prescription, you can legally purchase HGH from any licensed pharmacy. However, buying HGH online will often result in a dangerous and illegal transaction – even with a prescription. Only an estimated 4% of the online websites selling medications have been found to be in accord with proper pharmaceutical guidelines. Those are not good odds for getting safe HGH injections online.

Why is HGH prescribed? Doctors prescribe HGH therapy to prevent people from using it illegally or in the wrong dosage when not necessary.

Doctors That Will Prescribe HGH

While it is true than any physician can prescribe human growth hormone injections, most will not provide this service because it is outside their scope of practice. Hormonal balancing is not part of the regular medical school curriculum. It is an area of specialized medicine.

Who are the doctors that will prescribe HGH?

Endocrinology is the study of the endocrine system, home to the glands and hormones. Doctors specializing in this field are called endocrinologists. Some other physicians also study the endocrine system as an adjunct to their practice. You may find urologists, gynecologists, and internists that engage in hormone replacement. However, it is vital to ensure the advanced training of the doctor in this field. Hormonal balancing is carefully calculated to the needs of the individual to avoid other hormones from adverse reactions.

Why is HGH prescribed by hormone specialists? The reason is to ensure that when balancing one hormone level, others are not adversely influenced.

How Can HGH Be Prescribed?

Knowing how to get HGH prescribed is the first step towards balancing one’s hormone levels. The requirements for a doctor to prescribe HGH are as follows:

  • Medical consultation and evaluation of the individual’s symptoms
  • Blood assessment of various hormone levels to determine if a deficiency is present
  • Medical examination to rule out other health concerns, provide information necessary in determining HGH dosage, and clear the individual for hormone replacement therapy
  • Completion of a medical history report/questionnaire to provide the hormone specialist with information essential for an accurate diagnosis
  • Follow-up consultation to discuss the outcome, results, diagnosis, and any treatment protocol

Why is HGH prescribed only after following these diagnostic steps?

Each of the steps listed above serves a vital function in the diagnostic process. The doctor must know if any prior health issues are the cause of declining hormone levels. Calculating the proper dosage requires information from the blood test and physical exam, including deficiency level, body composition, age, gender, and health.

HGH is only prescribed following completion of all the diagnostic steps.

HGH Prescription Cost

Some people who do not have illegal uses of HGH in mind look to purchase it online because they do not want to pay the prescription cost. Undergoing testing and examination from a medical specialist can be a costly expense. That does not have to be the case.

There are ways to lower the overall cost of getting an HGH prescription by utilizing the telemedicine services of our hormone clinic. Through our consultation by phone service, men and women throughout the US can engage in a complimentary discussion with one of our qualified and experienced hormone medical advisors. Our free consultation service allows adults to discuss their symptoms in private, without judgment or concern over others knowing their business. They can get answers to their questions without feeling rushed.

How can HGH be prescribed by phone consultation?

HGH therapy requires more than phone consultation before a person can receive his or her prescription. If the discussion with the medical advisor confirms the possibility of a hormonal imbalance, a low-cost blood test at a local lab is the next step. Our clinic has negotiated low rates for these blood panels with a chain of national laboratories.

The other way we help our clients save money is by allowing the physical exam with any local doctor – high specialist fees are not necessary. Our physician will review all results before deciding who qualifies for HGH therapy.

Why is HGH prescribed in this manner?

Our hormone clinic believes that telemedicine can not only save people money and time but also put them in direct contact with some of the nation’s leading hormone specialists – doctors they might otherwise not have access to where they live.

We are here to help – contact us today for a free consultation.

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