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HGH Pens For Sale

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As a human growth hormone (HGH) replacement therapy patient just starting out on your journey to improved hormonal health, one of the most important decision that you must make concerns the delivery method that you will use for your HGH injections.

Patients have an array of options for how to take their growth hormone supplements, both in terms of method and brand. The large amount of choices may be overwhelming, so in this article we’ll focus on the ideal method for many therapy patients – highly portable, easy-to-use Growth Hormone injection pens.

We will discuss the relevant benefits of injection pens over other methods, why injection pens might be right for you, and where to find high-quality, reliable HGH pens at affordable prices.

How Do HGH Pens DevicesWork?

Compared to other, more involved methods like the vial and syringe, injection pens streamline the process and make self-administering HGH injections a breeze.

With the vial and syringe method of Growth Hormone injection, the patient must make precise measurements himself or herself according to the therapy protocol, combine the mixing solution with the hormone, carefully load the syringe, and, finally, administer. Then he or she must clean up the pieces and properly dispose of the used needles. This method can take a substantial amount of time to complete.

As a convenient alternative to this labor-intensive and often wasteful procedure, pens perform all of those steps for you – all you must do as the patient is fit the needle on the end of the pen, titrate your dosage with a simple clockwise turn, and administer.

With injection pens, there is no need for extensive clean-up, hassles over finding the exact dosage, or working with several pieces of equipment. This method is designed to be as intuitive and simple as possible.

HGH pen for sale - With injection pens, there is no need for extensive clean-up, hassles over finding the exact dosage, or working with several pieces of equipment.

What Are the Components of an HGH Pen?

Human Growth Hormone pens, while small and lightweight, actually have quite a few working parts that patients should understand before beginning therapy using these devices.

In the chart below, we’ve broken down the parts that generally constitute most injection pens and how they fit together.

Pharmaceutical firms that manufacture these pens place an enormous investment in making their products as user-friendly as possible. For patients, the ease of use factor is critical to predicting the overall success of therapy because greater usability results in statistically better outcomes in terms of completing the protocol.

According to one study on therapy patients using Norditropin NordiFlex pens, 82% of respondents described HGH injection pens as “very easy” or “easy” to use. 64% of respondents indicated that they would like to continue using the pens in the future.

What Advantages Do HGH Injection Pens Offer to Patients?

HGH injection pens offer patients three primary benefits. They are:

  • Improved outcomes. First and foremost, Growth Hormone pens are optimal for many patients because they improve the outcomes of therapy. The research is clear: patients who utilize simple injection methods and easy-to-use devices (such as injection pens) are more likely to stick with their protocols and, ultimately, to achieve success with therapy.
  • Less waste. Secondly, the medical literature is clear that, by eliminating waste, these devices save money – potentially, thousands of dollars. Close to a quarter of the HGH used in therapy is wasted with the vial and syringe method. GH is incredibly expensive ($30-$50 per mg on average in the US), so even a small amount of wasted HGH can add up to huge sums of money that is essentially thrown away with subpar administration techniques. Injection pens eliminate this issue entirely, making therapy more affordable.
  • Highly portable. Finally, HGH pens come in compact designs that are intended for patients who are often on the move. Whether you are traveling to work in your car or going for a hike in the woods, HGH injection pens can fit in even the smallest purse or backpack. Therapy patients who fly frequently, for example, often cite the portable nature of injection pens as their primary attraction.

How to Safely Use and Store Pens for Injectable GH

Each of the US manufacturers that produce legal growth hormone supplements for American patients hosts a comprehensive set of step-by-step instructions for use on their respective websites.

Likewise, many pharmaceutical firms that produce growth hormones and injection equipment also host online training programs to help patients new to therapy develop good practices and overcome any anxieties about needles.

Understandably, many HGH replacement therapy patients are hesitant about needles. With enough patience, practice, and the right instruction from your provider and these online resources, though, almost anyone can learn how to effectively self-administer growth hormone with an injection pen.

How to Properly Store HGH Injection Pens

As a general rule, due to its delicate molecular structure, HGH should be stored in a refrigerated environment for maximal effectiveness.

Recent advances in technology, though, have enabled patients to keep their pens at room temperature for several weeks at a time. Brands such as the Norditropin FlexPro® pens do not require refrigeration if the patient will administer the entirety of the contents within 21 days.

Each HGH injection pen comes with its own set of instructions to safeguard the medicine contained within.

What Is the Appropriate HGH Dosage for an Adult Patient With a Deficiency?

The dosage that a patient requires depends on a number of factors that the medical provider weighs carefully before beginning therapy.

Because the growth hormone dosage is individualized, predicting the exact amount of HGH that a patient needs is difficult before the required diagnostic testing and screening is performed.

There are, however, general guidelines for growth hormone dosing. The figures are illustrated in the chart below.

HGH Injection Pens for Sale at Medzone

Medzone offers our patients high-quality HGH injection pens at affordable prices. We only select the leading brands to feature on our site. A sampling of the warranty-protected injection pens that patients can purchase include:

These are just a handful of the large selection of injection pens and related HGH products available for sale.

Our expert staff is available to help you locate the right injection pen for you as well as to answer any questions that you might have about HGH injection pens. We can be reached by calling +1 (818) 232 5775 during business hours or by email at [email protected]. Give us a call or email today and we’ll be glad to point you in the right direction.

Cost Comparison Between HGH Injection Pens

Price can differ dramatically from device type to device type and between manufacturers, so it’s a good idea to take a moment to compare the relative costs of the various HGH products available on the market.

To help, the chart below documents the differences in price between Growth Hormone products on the US market.

Available HGH pen devices for sale in our clinic
Product Total mg Manufacturer WAC price per package WAC price per mg Max dose (mg) Dose increment (mg)
Norditropin FlexPro Pen 5mg 5 mg Novo Nordisk $1075 $215 1.5 0.025
Norditropin FlexPro Pen 10 mg 10 mg Novo Nordisk $1905 $190.5 3.00 0.05
Norditropin FlexPro Pen 15 mg 15 mg Novo Nordisk $2760 $184 4.5 0.075
Genotropin MiniQuick 0.2 0.2 mg Pfizer $350 0.06 0.01
Genotropin MiniQuick 0.4 0.4 mg Pfizer $680 0.12 0.002
Genotropin MiniQuick 0.6 0.6 mg Pfizer $960 0.18 0.003
Genotropin MiniQuick 0.8 0.8 mg Pfizer $1350 0.24 0.004
Genotropin MiniQuick 1.0 1.0 mg Pfizer $1850 0.3 0005
Genotropin MiniQuick 1.2 1.2 mg Pfizer $2200 $1833.3 0.36 0.006
Genotropin MiniQuick 1.4 1.4 mg Pfizer $2500 $1785.7 0.42 0.007
Genotropin MiniQuick 1.6 1.6 mg Pfizer $2750 $1718.8 0.480 0.008
Genotropin MiniQuick 1.8 1.8 mg Pfizer $3100 $1722.2 0.54 0.009
Genotropin MiniQuick 2.0 2.0 mg Pfizer $3800 $1900 0.60 0.01
Genotropin Mixer 5 mg Pfizer $1050 $210 1.50 0.025
Genotropin Mixer 12 mg Pfizer $3000 $250 3.60 0.06
HumatroPen 6 6 mg Eli Lilly $1400 $233.3 1.80 0.03
HumatroPen 12 12 mg Eli Lilly $3200 $266.7 3.60 0.06
HumatroPen 24 24 mg Eli Lilly $5700 $237.5 7.20 0.12

*A note on cost comparison:  As the chart shows, different injection pens come with different quantities of Growth hormone which can affect the cost of the pen. When shopping for injection pens, always pay attention to the cost per mg and not to the overall cost of the device to get a better idea how the products stack up to each other in terms of price.

Is Purchasing HGH Pens Online Safe?

The answer to this often-asked question depends on where you are purchasing your HGH supplies from. For example, licensed US therapy providers such as our clinic offer legitimate, quality-tested HGH pens from reputable manufacturers on their sites.

Other sites, though – especially ones selling foreign-produced, often substandard, HGH supplies – should be avoided at all costs. One report by the WHO found that 1 out of 10 medical supplies (including HGH) produced in Third World countries with poor oversight and regulatory procedures are either “falsified” (fake) or “substandard.”

You can protect your health by always dealing with accredited, US-based HGH therapy providers and equipment manufacturers.

Important Considerations for Americans Purchasing HGH Pens (FAQs)

HGH therapy patients looking to source high-quality injection pens often have a set of understandable questions. In this section, we’ll clear up the most commonly presented issues and questions that patients ask when looking for HGH supplies on the web.

Do Patients Need a Prescription to Buy HGH Injection Pens?

Yes, to legally purchase growth hormone and related supplies in the United States, you need a prescription from a doctor based on a legitimate medical need (i.e., a hormone deficiency that has been diagnosed through lab work).

At Medzone, we provide our patients with all the documentation that they need to legally obtain their much-needed HGH supplies.

Unfortunately, illegal HGH abuse is increasingly common among athletes who, despite having normally-functioning pituitary glands that produce adequate amounts of endogenous HGH, hope to reap the performance-enhancing benefits of the hormone.

Using HGH in contravention of the law without the proper supervision by a qualified medical professional is dangerous. You risk your well-being as well as your financial health, as illegal possession of HGH carries potentially thousands of dollars in fines.

You can avoid these consequences by always consulting with a healthcare professional who can expertly guide you through all the medical and legal hurdles associated with safe and effective Human Growth Hormone therapy.

Do All HGH Pens Work for Adults With Deficiencies?

While not all injection pens are suitable for every clinical situation, the good news for adult HGH therapy patients is that every major brand can be utilized in your therapy.

The chart below documents the approved uses of various HGH pens for different conditions.

As the last column in the chart above illustrates, adult therapy patients can safely use every major brand. As a patient, this is good news for price-shopping to get the best deal, since you have a multitude of high-quality choices to compare.

How Can Patients Avoid HGH Scams?

As we discussed earlier, fake medical products sold on the internet are a huge problem – especially those coming from the Third World. Never purchase HGH or related products like injection pens from unregulated, offshore providers.

There is no need to look to foreign HGH suppliers – many American HGH vendors, including Medzone, are fully licensed and compliant with US law to prevent legal and health complications that can arise from sourcing HGH from illegitimate sellers.

Who Should Avoid Using HGH Injection Pens?

Although HGH is well-tolerated by the vast majority of patients, there are a number of conditions that contraindicate replacement therapy. The most common are:

  • Active cancer.
  • Some cardiovascular conditions.
  • Diabetic retinopathy.
  • Acute illness.

The Bottom Line on Injectable HGH Pens

Injection pens for HGH therapy are simple to use, highly effective, waste-free, and easy to transport. Best of all, as the technology develops, the products become more affordable over time. For these reasons, therapy patients increasingly elect to use these devices for therapy over more conventional methods.

To learn more about whether an injectable Growth Hormone pen device might be right for you or to explore other options for therapy, don’t hesitate to contact the friendly staff of our clinic.

To begin, we’ll arrange an office visit to go over all your issues and perform any diagnostic testing. You will leave our office in the driver’s seat in terms of recovering your hormonal health with HGH replacement therapy.