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Welcome to Medzone - highly specialized national HGH and Testosterone replacement clinic. Our top-qualified team of experienced endocrinologists provides safe and effective HRT around the whole USA.

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High Qualified Medical Team

Experienced Hormone Specialists

Doctors of Medzone Center and our professional medical staff have years of experience treating patients for hormonal imbalance. You are in good hands with our board-certified hormone doctors. Get the treatment you need from knowledgeable and experienced hormone specialists.

Best Brands of HGH and Testosterone

High-quality Medications

Quality counts when it comes to hormone medications. Our doctors prescribe only the best brands of bioidentical HGH and testosterone to our clients. All medications come from licensed US pharmacies to ensure safety, quality, and superior results.

Reasonable prices

Affordable Hormone Replacement

High-quality hormone replacement therapy does not have to be expensive. Our doctors and medical advisors work closely with each person to find the best option for affordable hormone medications. Our consultation-by-phone service helps save you money.

Benefits of our treatment

Individual advisors and personal programs

Working with the same person eliminates having to start over and explain your concerns to other individuals. Instead, you know that when you call, your medical advisor has all of your information and can help answer your questions and address your concerns. Personalized hormone replacement gets you the results you want.

Excellence Is Our Speciality

Most progressive and effective approaches

Our hormone specialists continuously research cutting edge treatments to provide our clients with the finest level of care. When it comes to correcting a hormonal imbalance, experience matters. Through the use of superior-rated and tested bioidentical hormones, we can restore hormonal balance to the body. By doing so, our clients report significant improvements to their quality of life.

BEnefits of Treatment at Medzone CLinic
BEnefits of Treatment at Medzone CLinic Smile

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Services at Medzone Clinic

Growth Hormone
Free consultations
  • Services of Medzone - HGH Therapy

    HGH Replacement Therapy.


    Human growth hormone plays an essential role in many of the body’s most influential processes. From metabolism to cellular regeneration, to brain functions and heart health, HGH is necessary for every adult. As HGH levels decline, systemic breakdowns could occur. Doctor-prescribed HGH therapy is a customized hormone protocol that replenishes the body’s missing levels of growth hormone. As a result, adults report more energy, improved body composition, sharper brain functions, and many other positive benefits.

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  • Services of Medzone - Testosterone Therapy

    Testosterone Replacement Therapy.


    Low testosterone levels can impact men and women as they age. Although testosterone does stimulate both the male and female sex drive, its functions in the body go well beyond that role. Testosterone is crucial for healthy brain and heart functions, metabolism, and keeping your bones and muscles strong. Low testosterone often causes depression, fatigue, weight gain, and increases the risks of significant health issues. Testosterone replacement therapy benefits your health, body, brain, libido, and quality of life.

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  • Services of Medzone - Best Medications for Treatment

    Products for GH and Testosterone Therapies.


    Hormone replacement therapy is big business with so many men and women reaching the age where hormone level decline begins to cause health problems. That is why it is crucial to purchase and use only the finest-quality hormone medications. Counterfeit hormones can lead to significant health issues. Our doctors prescribe only the best brands of HGH and testosterone medications; all supplied from licensed US pharmacies, so you know you are getting the finest-quality hormones. When quality matters – we provide only the best bioidentical hormones.

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  • a

    High-quality medical consultations.


    Finding hormone specialists that have the highest level of knowledge and experience necessary for superior results can seem challenging – especially for people with limited medical access due to location or lack of insurance. We at Medzone Clinic bring the nation’s leading hormone specialists to you – through high-quality medical consultations by phone. Telemedicine is changing the way people now access medical care. Same-day consultations with experienced hormone specialists provide the answers you seek. Get fast testing, answers, and superior treatment at a fraction of the cost of visiting a local hormone clinic.

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We fight

Here at Medzone Clinic our primary goal is a safe and effective restoration of crucial HGH and Testosterone hormone levels. Adults suffering from hormonal imbalance often find themselves facing some of the following issues:

HRT fights Overweight
Overweight and Obesity

Growth Hormone and Testosterone each play a significant role in food metabolism and insulin sensitivity. Adults with low HGH or testosterone levels tend to gain weight easier, which also decreases hormone production.

HRT fights Depression
Depression & Anxiety

The brain is a complex structure with abundant GH and androgen receptors throughout its many regions. These receptor cells require HGH and TH to support the release of crucial neurotransmitters, endorphins, and signals that maintain a healthy emotional balance.

HRT fights Osteoporosis
Osteoporosis & Bone Dencity

Human growth hormone and testosterone are crucial for the maintenance of bone mineral density. Brittle bones, increased fracture risk, and slower fracture healing are concerns for people with hormonal decline.

HRT fights Low Libido
Low libido & Sexual desire

Feelings and thoughts of sexual desire and arousal begin in the brain, where HGH and testosterone stimulate essential neurotransmitters. These two hormones can cause low libido when their levels decline.

HRT fights ED
Erectile dysfunction

Sexual decline, including low libido and other erectile problems may occur with both HGH and testosterone deficiencies. GH and Testosterone play significant roles in both the emotional aspect of sexual desire as well as a man’s physical abilities.

HRT fights Bad Concentration
Bad memory & Concentration

HGH and androgen receptors in the brain require an abundant supply of their corresponding hormones to support healthy cognitive functions. Low HGH and testosterone levels often leave people with brain fog, mental decline and fears of dementia.

How to get started with Medzone

Getting started with hormone replacement therapy at Medzone Clinic begins with your free consultation by phone with one of our experienced and knowledgeable medical advisors. During your initial consultation, we will discuss your concerns and symptoms, overall health, and answer any questions you have. You will then receive guidance in the completion of the Medical History Form, Blood Work, and Physical Exam.

To Get Started at Medzone - fill the Medical History Form
Medical history form

Our medical history form is accessible through a link on this website. We make it easy for you to complete the required information for the doctor’s review from anywhere you like – no need to sit in a waiting room to do this. Remember to provide all information requested, including any over-the-counter supplements you take.

To Get Started at Medzone - Blood Tests
Blood work

Laboratory testing of serum hormone and other levels is a crucial part of the diagnostic process. We have arranged for low-cost blood analysis with a national laboratory chain. Your appointment will be first thing in the morning (while fasting) for easy completion before you start your day.

To Get Started at Medzone - Physical Exams
Physical exams

The physical examination is a vital part of the diagnostic process. It verifies that no other significant medical issues are causing the symptoms and provides essential information our hormone doctor will use in determining the dosage of your medication. You can select any doctor to perform this exam.


Scientific reports and articles

Dive into our Library and get useful health tips, lifehacks and secret knowledge in our scientific reports and articles.


Customer Reviews

The older I got, the more I started to worry about dementia, osteoporosis, and heart disease. I didn’t like the way I was aging, so my sister recommended I follow her lead and call your clinic. Since testosterone therapy was helping her so much, I figured I would give it a try. As a result of starting treatment, my cholesterol and blood sugar levels have gone way down. My bones and muscles feel stronger, and I have more focus and energy than I have had in years. I have also started to lose weight.

Barbara, 64 years old
On TRT for Women

My blood testing showed that I do have low growth hormone levels – a condition that could be corrected with HGH therapy. While it is too late for me to grow, it is not too late to reverse my other issues. It’s only been two months since I started HGH therapy, but I am already sleeping better at night, and I have more energy during the day. Even my feelings of depression are coming less often, and I am looking forward to further benefits over the next few months.

Alex, 38 years old
On HGH Therapy for Men

We are here for you

Hormone replacement is a personalized medical treatment, which is why each person who contacts Medzone Clinic also has an individual advisor who will get to know them, their situation, and their hormone needs. We are trying to be closer to you and here are our offices throughout the country.

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