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Medzone specializes in hormone replacement therapy (HRT) for adult patients, most of whom are over 30 years of age. Among the services we offer, Medzone provides consultations for patients experiencing a number of conditions, including:

  • Growth hormone deficiency (GHD)
  • Testosterone deficiency (hypogonadism) 
  • Other hormone imbalances

For the purpose of this document, the term “we” refers to, its operators, and owners. “You” refers to website users, clients, patients, and others with whom we do business. 

When you use our website and access the services contained within, you acknowledge that you agree and consent to all of the conditions enumerated herein. 

Users should be aware that they assume personal responsibility when using this website and do so at their own risk. This website, and the information contained within, is provided to the patient and/or client “as is.” As such, there is no implied or explicit warranty of any kind. Accordingly, neither itself nor its agents, employees, third-party contractors, licensors, or others may be held liable for the accuracy, reliability, or user experience. We have not authorized any representative or agent of the company to extend any warranty, implied or explicit, regarding the website or the services or information contained within. 

Below you will find the complete terms and conditions in their entirety covering the use of this site. At any time and without prior notice, reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions as necessary for business operations. 

Should the terms and conditions contained herein change at any time, we will post notifications alerting users to such changes on the website. If you wish to object to the changes in the terms and conditions, clients and/or patients may do so in writing. After a week, the client and/or patient is considered to have acknowledged and accepted such changes. 

For our privacy policy, please see our webpage devoted to that topic.

Intended For Adult Use (18 Years and Older)

The products and services featured on are exclusively intended for legal adults (aged 18 years or older). None of the products or services we offer are available to minors. By using this site, users agree that they are at least 18 years of age. Minors are prohibited from engaging in the use of this website or any of the products or services contained within. 

Users agree to not use website for any of the following illicit or unethical purposes:

  • To upload or transmit any data, content, or communications of any kind that may potentially infringe on the privacy rights (or other rights) of any party
  • To commit violations of any local, state, national, or international laws 
  • To distribute advertising content or any other unsolicited materials to a third party for any reason
  • To transmit or distribute material that is obscene, threatening, defamatory, harassing, slanderous, hateful, embarrassing, abusive or unlawful to any individual or entity
  • To attempt to “hack” or otherwise interfere in the normal processes of this website 


You agree that the use of any information or products or services on is undertaken at your personal discretion and risk. We will not be held liable for any damages or adverse effects of our services, products, or information presented on the website. The burden is on you to ensure that the products, services, or information that you access here meet your individual needs. 

Always consult with your doctor before beginning any treatment protocol. Use of products or services rendered by Medzone should always be undertaken under the careful supervision of a licensed medical professional. If you have a specialized concern, contact a doctor who specializes in the type of medical issue that you are experiencing. In case of emergency, dial 911 in the United States for emergency medical aid. 

The materials contained on the site (including but not limited to the appearance, look, layout, design, and graphics) are owned by us or either licensed to us. Unauthorized reproduction of any of these is prohibited. Any trademarked images or products featured on that are not owned by us are acknowledged. 

In the event of unauthorized use of any of the exclusive copyrighted materials may result in either a civil claim of damages or criminal prosecuting for offending parties. 

US law requires that we take all necessary steps and exercise due diligence to protect the privacy of your health information, and to provide you with notice of our duties under law and privacy practices regarding sensitive health information. In the event of a data breach that exposes protected health information to third parties, we will notify affected individuals in accordance with the law. may contain links to outside websites. Such links are intended to provide further context or greater information on a particular subject, and do not necessarily signify an endorsement of those websites. has no responsibility for any content hosted on outside websites. 

Site Management reserves the right (but no obligation) to perform the following site management activities:

  • Routinely monitor user behavior for violations of any portion of the terms of use 
  • Initiate legal action, when appropriate according solely to our discretion, against any user in violation of the terms of use discussed here. This can include but is not limited to reporting the user to appropriate police authorities
  • At our discretion, with no limitations, restrict, limit the availability of, disable, or refuse access to any user-generated contributions, or any parts thereof
  • At our discretion, with  no requirements for prior notice, remove any files and/or content of excessive size or which otherwise represent a burden to our systems
  • Perform other maintenance activities designed to safeguard our rights and/or property or to ensure the optimal function of the website

Copyright (Intellectual Property)

Other than material located legally in the United States public domain under national copyright law, all material contained within the site (including but not limited to Active x controls, HTML code, Java applets, software, and other code) is protected under US copyright. Unless otherwise expressly indicated in these terms and conditions, website users may not reproduce, publish, modify, rewrite, transmit, distribute, copy, sell, transfer, or create derivative works from any material contained within the website without permission from us. 

Similarly, the material contained on web pages may not be decompiled, transcribed, stored in an outside retrieval system, translated into another language (or computer language), retransmitted or disassembled in any way. This includes redistribution or retransmission in any form/means (including mechanical, photo reproduction, recordation, or electronic), 

Absolutely no content on may be resold without prior permission granted from us. 

Violators of this provision may face civil and/or legal penalties. 

Prescriptions and Medications

All prescriptions offered through are issued by the doctor you see. Under law, a prescription remains valid for 6 months following the date on the prescription, except when the medication contains controlled drugs such as testosterone; such controlled drugs are subject to abuse, and accordingly, strict legal limits are placed on their supply to mitigate such abuse. In the cases of such controlled drugs, those prescriptions remain valid for up to 28 days following the date on the prescription. 

By law, prescriptions can only be created following review by a doctor. Once dispensed, the prescribed medications are sent via mail to the address provided by patient (please see delivery terms and risk for more information on shipping). 

Factual Representation

Users of agree to represent that all information provided to the company and website is accurate, complete, and up-to-date. This includes all information regarding your medical evaluation, treatment, and diagnostic testing. Patients and/or clients are obligated to notify of any changes to your medical condition or overall health that are related to your treatment or diagnostic procedures. users are responsible for keeping passwords and other personal data private and out of the reach of outside parties. Users agree to not provide other individuals access to our services using your account credentials. 

All medications purchased through are intended for use solely by the patient to which they are prescribed. Accordingly, such medications may not be resold, given to, or used by any individuals other than the patient to which they are prescribed. 

Users agree that their use of the site is solely for fully lawful and legal purposes. You agree to abide by all of the terms of use described here. Users agree that they will access the site manually, never through automated or non-human methods as in a script, bot, or otherwise. In the event that a user supplies any information that is inaccurate, Medzone reserves the right to terminate or suspend your account and, in the future, refuse any current site use. 

The results for patients featured on in relation to the products and services we provide are for exemplary purposes only and do not constitute a guarantee of any form. Each patient responds to treatment differently; as such, results vary from patient to patient. Furthermore, the proper dosage for the medications that we provide may be different for each patient. Your doctor will be able to offer a clearer prognosis in your own case before beginning therapy based on your individual circumstances. 

Prohibited Activities

Users of will not access or use the website for any other reason other than legitimate purposes (for example: seeking information on or ordering the products or services we offer or interacting with our staff, etc.).

  • Collect or compile, indirectly or directly, any information contained on this website without prior written consent from Medzone
  • Use fraud or misrepresentations to lure sensitive information from any website users, including user passwords, financial records, etc. 
  • Disable, circumvent, or interfere with security features on This includes all security features designed to prevent illegal copying of copyrighted material or to limit use of the site and/or the copyrighted material contained within
  • Denigrate, tarnish, or harm the reputation of Medzone and/or the website,
  • Use, or attempt to obtain, information from with the intention of using it to abuse, harass, or otherwise harm another individual
  • Improperly utilize support services, including submitting false accounts of misconduct or abuse
  • Use in any way that conflicts with appropriate laws and regulations
  • Attempt to advertise or promote outside goods and services using the website
  • Frame or link to the site in unauthorized manners
  • Upload or otherwise transmit Trojan horses, viruses, or other materials (which can include typing in all-capital letters and repetitively posting the same text) or other activities that may interfere with another party’s ability to use and enjoy the website without unnecessary interruptions that impairs, alters, disrupts, or modifies the functions, maintenance, or operation of
  • Use the system in an automated manner, which can include using scripts to convey messages and/or comments, mining data, or some such extraction/data gathering tools
  • Remove or alter the copyright and/or proprietary rights notices from any content hosted on the website
  • Impersonate another individual or user while on the website, which can include attempting to use the username of someone else
  • Transfer your profile to the control of another individual, including selling it for profit
  • Transmit or upload (or attempt to do so) materials that might act as an active or passive system for collecting information or transmitting information. This can include, but is not limited to: clear graphics interchange formats, cookies, web bugs, 1×1 pixels, or other such devices (these are commonly known as “passive collection mechanisms” or “spyware”)
  • Disrupt, burden, or otherwise interfere with the site or the services/networks connected to
  • Intimidate, harass, annoy, or threaten the employees and/or agents tasked with providing assistance to users on the site
  • Attempt to circumvent the measures on intended to prevent or restrict access to the website, of any portion thereof
  • Adapt or copy the software on the site, which can include but is not limited to JavaScript, HTML, PHP or other coding languages
  • Reverse engineers, decompile, disassemble, or decipher any software contained on the site or any portion thereof
  • Use , develop, distribute, or launch any automated system, which can include but is not limited to a cheat utility, scraper, offline reader, spider, or robot that accesses Users are also prohibited from launching or using any unapproved script or other software. Exceptions include any tools that are part of a standard search engine or internet browser. 
  • Use a purchasing or buying agent to procure products or services from
  • Use the website for unauthorized purposes that can include creating user accounts with automated processes or using false pretenses or collecting email addresses, user names or other information from users for the purposes of unsolicited contact (including by email) 
  • Use the site and/or the content contained within for the purposes of competing commercially with or for any revenue-generating schemes 

Terms of Payment and Pricing

You agree, when using services, to pay upfront for all diagnostic and testing services before you receive them. Details of the necessary diagnostic and testing work, including their prices, may be discussed with an appropriate professional in a private setting at our Medzone clinic. 

Should any discrepancy in price become evident, agrees to notify the patient or client with such updated information as soon as possible. Before an offer is accepted by the patient, reserves the right to make any necessary changes to any costs based on factors such as pharmacy price increases or errors in product descriptions or pricing. In the event that such changes are necessary, the patient will acknowledge that such product or service provided will be done so in accordance with any aforementioned revised pricing. 

The patient and/or client also agrees to cover any required fees that may include shipment and delivery, taxes, and other reasonable costs incurred with the delivery of the products or services rendered. You must pay all costs, including shipment and delivery, before receiving said products or services. 

Delivery Terms and Risk

Medzone will provide patients and/or clients with an estimated delivery time and date. When purchasing goods for delivery, you understand that the information we provide regarding time and date of delivery is merely an estimation and that we have no direct control over the timeliness or performance of said delivery. We take every reasonable step to ensure that the estimated time and date for delivery that we provide our patients and/or clients is accurate; nonetheless, we will not be held liable for any delays in shipment that we cannot control. 

US residents receiving goods by mail are required to supply a valid US address for delivery of said materials. Medzone does not ship to PO boxes. When ordering from Medzone, please take the time to double and triple-check delivery addresses in order to confirm their accuracy. Should you notice an error in the delivery address, please notify Medzone immediately so corrective action can be taken. 

Should an error in the delivery address go unreported or the accurate address go unconfirmed, you may incur additional charges due to increased shipping costs. In this event, Medzone reserves the right to add surcharges to your shipment to make up for the additional costs. 

Should Medzone deliver an ordered product in accordance with the terms laid out here and you refuse or fail to take said delivery, and the product is damaged in the shipping process, Medzone will be entitled to pursue any rightful remedies, which can include:

  • Medzone should receive full payment immediately for services/products provided/delivered. 
  • Medzone should receive full payment immediately for any storage costs incurred during the delivery or storage process for products not picked up or refused
  • Following 30 days of storage after the agreed-upon delivery date, Medzone may, at its own discretion, dispose of all products as deemed necessary to offset proceeds for sales against money due to Medzone by you

Other than under any consumer rights guaranteed under applicable law in your jurisdiction, you are not entitled to reject delivery on the grounds of short delivery. Regardless of short or non-delivery, you are required to make payment in full except in cases where notification in writing is submitted within 7 days of the date of receiving the invoice or delivery, at which point you are required to pay full cost for the delivered product. 

Following the delivery, receipt, and possession of the ordered product, you assume all risk for any damages incurred to the product during the tie in your possession, including while in transit. 

Rejection, Damage, or Loss in Transit

Medzone will not be held responsible for any products purchased except under the following circumstances:

  • Due to damage or loss of product in transit (either by Medzone or by a carrier service assigned by Medzone) when you notify Medzone within 5 business days of receiving the product
  • Defects in the product that were not the result of any negligence, or act on your part when you notify Medzone within 5 days of receiving the product

In addition, you agree that Medzone will not be responsible for any losses or damage caused by the use or purchased hormone products in connection with defects in accompanying products, including the incorrect use, negligence by you, or use of such products used improperly not in line with the instructions as provided by the manufacturer. 

In the event of a shortage, failed delivery, or damage that occurs in transit during shipping, we may correct the shortage, failed delivery, or damage by either a.) repairing or b.) replacing the product in question following the return of the product to our office. 

Third Party Rights

For optimal delivery of products and services featured on, we may at times share appropriate information that we collect about you (per our privacy policy) with third parties with whom we have a business relationship. In such instances, we take all appropriate steps to ensure that said third parties protect your data from inappropriate use or dissemination in accordance with best business practices. 

This data that we share with third parties may include but is not limited to aggregate statistics about website users, traffic patterns across our website, and similar such site information. This data shows site-usage patterns occurring via visits to our website each month. Please note that these usage data do not contain any personally identifying information, which we will not share without explicit permission from you. 

In some cases, disclosing your personal information may be necessary when required by law or on the good-faith belief that such disclosures are necessary – for example, in order to:

  • Comply with any applicable law or to with legal process served on Medzone clinic or our website,
  • Protect our property or rights, our website users or the website itself
  • Protect the personal safety of our staff, our website users, or the public at large

Order Limitations

For any reason whatsoever, Medzone reserves the right to limit the quantity of any order or to reject an order with no restrictions. If such an event occurs, Medzone will notify you via the provided email address given when placing the order. 

Termination of Use

At any time, without notice and for any reason, reserves the right to terminate access to its website. In addition, may change, discontinue, or suspend all or part of the website at its sole discretion with no prior notice given. 

We make no guarantee that the site will be available at all times. Due to potential hardware, software, or other emerging issues, we may need to perform maintenance on the site that might result in delays, interruptions, or errors in the normal function of the site. Users agree that Medzone assumes no liability for any damage, loss, inconvenience, or other issues resulting from your inability to access or use the website during such discontinuances or downtime. Nothing contained in these terms and conditions may be construed as an obligation on Medzone’s part to maintain the site or to provide any updates, corrections, or releases connected to its operations. 

Dispute Resolution

In the event that a dispute arises between Medzone and you regarding the use or function of the website, there are two options for resolving them: informal negotiations and binding arbitration. 

In the case of informal negotiations, these are necessary to expedite the timely resolution of any disputes and to control the costs associated therewith that result from any claim related to the terms and conditions as relayed herein. Accordingly, disputants agree to first attempt to negotiate any dispute informally for a minimum of 30 days before beginning formal arbitration. Said informal negotiations begin immediately upon written notice between parties. 

If informal negotiations fail, the next phase of dispute resolution will be binding arbitration. Users understand that, without the provisions here, you would otherwise be entitled to sue in court and pursue a jury trial. Here, binding arbitration will be conducted pursuant to the Commercial Arbitration Rules of the American Arbitration Association (AAA) or, alternatively, when appropriate, the AAA’s Supplementary Procedures for Consumer Related Disputes (AAA Consumer Rules). Each of these sets of rules and procedures is accessible via the AAA website at Arbitration fees and share of compensation are governed under AAA consumer rules and limited by the same. 

Arbitration may be conducted by phone, online, through document submission, or in person. The arbitrator is responsible for rendering the decision in writing and is not required to provide any rationale for the decision unless one or both parties to the dispute request it. 

Under no circumstances shall a dispute brought by any party relate in any way to activity on the site more than one year after the cause of action arose.