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Benefits of HGH Therapy

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Every hormone has benefits for the body, although none quite as much as somatotropin, or growth hormone (GH). Unfortunately for many adults, as GH levels decrease with age, so too do the effects of this hormone on many critical functions. That is why growth hormone deficiency can be so detrimental to an adult’s well-being in later years of life. The many benefits of HGH therapy can reverse the decline and improve appearance, physiological and mental functions, emotional well-being, and quality of life. In this review, we examine how HGH therapy impacts each of these areas.

Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) has been in use in various forms for well over 80 years. Most people think testosterone and estrogen when they hear someone is using HRT. However, many people do best with human growth hormone as it can help bring balance to many of the body’s other hormone levels.

The health benefits of HGH therapy extend to critical immune, metabolic, and cardiac functions. Because the brain is also home to GH receptor cells, cognitive and emotional improvements are seen with HGH treatment. We will also examine how the cellular regenerative benefits of human growth hormone influence the entire body.

The benefits of HGH therapy extend to nearly all areas of the body, impacting appearance, health, functions, and well-being.

Main Benefits of HGH Therapy for Adults

The pituitary gland is often referred to as the body’s master gland since the hormones it secretes help regulate other glands and hormone levels. Growth hormone is the most influential of the pituitary hormones, regulating many functions we take for granted. That is why having a clear understanding of the benefits of HGH therapy can make a tremendous difference in the quality of one’s life.

Three key areas of HGH benefits are:

  • Appearance
  • Well-Being
  • General Health

While each of these areas is affected by a decline in growth hormone production, how the effects influence a person may differ considerably. Some people may exhibit more dramatic changes in their appearance while others may feel the effects emotionally or even sexually. In many areas, changes in appearance are due to decreased cellular regeneration, as we will explain in further detail.

In the three sections below, we examine the unique benefits of HGH therapy for the adult body:



How a person looks is partly dependent on how much growth hormone the pituitary gland produces.

  • Improved skin tone, thickness, and elasticity

The skin is the body’s largest organ, with approximately 35 billion cells making up three layers, and including crucial collagen and elastin. Around 500 million skin cells shed away each day. As growth hormone levels decline, so, too, does the production of skin cells. That can cause a decrease in elastin and collagen that keep the skin feeling supple, elastic, and firm. Instead, wrinkles, sagging, crepe texture, and age spots appear. With HGH therapy, collagen and elastin levels increase, causing the skin to once again become plump, firm, taut, and thick. Wrinkles and sagging begin to decline. Many people report looking ten to twenty years younger after around six months of HGH therapy.

  • Better hair growth

As with the skin, each strand of hair consists of cells – keratinocytes. The development and nourishment of each hair shaft begin in the bulb, which receives a supply of blood cells that help nourish the growing strand. Not only does HGH supply the necessary regeneration of new cells to keep the hair strands growing thick and strong, but it also ensures there are enough melanocytes to provide color to the strand as it pushes its way up through the skin.

  • Increase of muscle mass

Muscle cells consist of muscle fibers containing protein filaments. Not only does HGH increase the regeneration of these muscle cells, but it also supports protein synthesis necessary for muscle development. That is why people who receive HGH therapy often experience better muscle definition and tone for a better-looking physique.

  • Enhanced weight loss

Growth hormone has a direct impact on metabolism by accelerating lipolysis, the breakdown of lipids. When GH levels decline, metabolism slows down. Along with the many other benefits of HGH therapy, metabolism improves, reducing the retention of stored fat and helping the body increase fat burning and weight loss. Abdominal obesity tends to decline the most.

Benefits of HGH for Appearance

General Health

The condition of your body’s health plays a significant role in daily life. If a person is not at his or her physical best, performance in all areas can suffer. The many health benefits of HGH therapy are shown below:

  • Reverse the normal shrinkage of organs

HGH helps to reverse normal organ shrinkage associated with aging through cell regeneration. As organs such as the spleen, kidneys, liver, and thymus shrink, their ability to function declines. By restoring healthy organ size, functions throughout the body improve. The liver also increases the production of insulin growth factor 1, the primary mediator of HGH effects on cell regeneration.

  • Improved metabolism and decreased abdominal obesity

Having a sluggish or poorly functioning metabolism not only increases the retention and storage of visceral fat, but it crowds the internal abdominal organs. The organs cannot function properly, and the added strain on the heart increases the risk of cardiovascular disease and heart attack. HGH therapy benefits the metabolism by improving how the body processes consumed food, turning it to usable energy rather than storing it away as fat.

  • Improved glucose metabolism

HGH deficiency is associated with insulin insensitivity and impaired glucose tolerance in many adults. Because of the added incidence of obesity, and high blood pressure and cholesterol levels, metabolic syndrome is a significant risk that can also lead to type 2 diabetes. An added benefit of HGH therapy is the reduction in abdominal fat retention, which can help improve insulin sensitivity and glucose uptake by the body’s cells.

Benefits of HGH for General Health

  • Sexual function

There is more to sexual function than just the enjoyment of the act. HGH helps stimulate human corpus cavernosum smooth muscle to aid in erectile functions. Human growth hormone also helps boost testosterone production in men and women, a hormone crucial for sexual desire, erectile functions, spermatogenesis, and vaginal lubrication. By increasing testosterone production, HGH also helps improve estrogen levels in the body as some free testosterone converts into estradiol. Estrogen has many benefits for the heart, bones, and brain functions, as well. Improved sexual function also helps decrease stress (cortisol) and anxiety, enhances immunity, strengthens the pelvic floor for better bladder control, lowers blood pressure and heart attack risk, is a natural pain killer, and improves sleep.

  • Better cognitive function

The improvements to cognitive functions can reduce the risk of dementia in later years, helping adults maintain an independent lifestyle. HGH crosses the blood/brain barrier to bind to growth hormone receptors throughout the brain that regulate functions such as learning, memory, cognitive processing, and even emotions. Some studies have found benefits of HGH for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease, opioid damage, and traumatic brain injury.

  • Stronger bones & increased bone mass

One of the many benefits of HGH therapy is the stimulation of osteoblasts (new bone cells), which not only strengthens bones but also speeds fracture healing. Numerous studies have shown that HGH therapy improves bone mineral density over 12 months of treatment to reduce the risk of osteopenia, osteoporosis, and fractures. Bone calcium also increases.



  • Development of lean body mass

Thanks to better protein synthesis and increased cell regeneration, lean body mass improves. An added benefit is the better support provided to the skeletal system.

  • Increased muscle strength

Along with improved lean body mass, we also find that HGH therapy helps increase muscle strength by stimulating collagen synthesis in the skeletal tendons and muscles. Better strength also aids exercise performance and results.

  • Faster wound healing & recovery

Through better cell regeneration, more infection-fighting cells can speed the healing of injuries. The thymus gland substantially shrinks away with age, taking with it the ability to provide infection-fighting cells to the body. HGH therapy also restores thymus size and functions to improve healing and well-being.

  • Improved lipid metabolism

HGH therapy helps reduce total and LDL cholesterol, which can decrease the build-up of plaque in the arteries. The reduction in arterial plaque that accompanies a better lipid profile also improves heart health by lowering atherosclerosis risk.

  • Reduced cardiovascular disease risk

Within six months, HGH therapy can help improve the left ventricular mass index, fiber shortening velocity, and fractional shortening. Since blood cell production is one aspect of cell regeneration, overall circulation can improve. Adults with cardiovascular disease who receive HGH therapy have a reduced incidence of morbidity and mortality than those who do not receive HGH injections.

  • Increased exercise capacity

With better heart health and cardiac output, exercise capacity improves.

BENEFITS OF HGH THERAPY - Impruved Cardiac Function


How a person feels is directly affected by growth hormone levels, and the benefits of HGH therapy can alter not only physiological functions, but the overall quality of life.

  • Better sleep

Growth hormone deficiency is often associated with sleep disturbances, including insomnia and frequent waking. Lack of sleep causes the body to increase the production of cortisol to deal with the stress. Cortisol tends to keep the brain on high alert, making it difficult to fall asleep at night. Since most of the day’s production of GH takes place during slow-wave sleep, less sleep means reduced growth hormone levels. It is a vicious cycle that HGH therapy can reverse. As more HGH enters the bloodstream, cortisol levels decline to support falling asleep faster and staying asleep longer.

  • Increased energy

With better sleep and the improved fat-burning and glucose uptake mentioned before, the body has more energy to last throughout the day.

  • Lower blood pressure

High blood pressure may cause dizziness, lightheadedness, or a pounding feeling in the chest or head. Growth hormone plays a significant role in vascular physiology and cardiac output, helping to normalize blood pressure levels.



  • Improved memory and brain function

Growth hormone deficiency often impairs memory, concentration, and cognitive processing, causing fear of dementia for many people. HGH therapy helps reduce dementia risks, improving mental outlook.

  • Better mood

Many adults with GHD suffer from impaired psychological well-being, depression, social isolation, anxiety, irritability, stress, reduced drive, and decreased vitality. In each of these areas, HGH therapy provides significant benefits and improvement, greatly enhancing the quality of life.

Benefits of HGH for Well-Being

  • Improved cardiac function

As mentioned, better cardiac output can improve exercise capacity and well-being. Feeling good makes a person more likely to engage in heart-healthy activities.

  • Increased immune function

Better immune system functions reduce how often a person is sick. Frequent illness can lead to depression and social isolation. Improved health restores the ability to participate in activities, decreasing downtime from both work and play.

  • Better sexual responses

Since orgasms also help release crucial endorphins into the bloodstream, HGH-improved sexual responses support emotional well-being.

With all these benefits of HGH therapy, it is no wonder that more people today are asking to check their growth hormone levels. For adults with growth hormone deficiency, HGH therapy can significantly improve overall quality of life.

Left any questions about HGH therapy and benefits you can get? Request for a free callback and our hormone specialist will answer all your questions.
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