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At Medzone Clinic, we prioritize patient privacy. Accordingly, we follow strict rules in terms of what information we share, when we share it, and with whom this information is shared. Below, you will find the details of our privacy policy. When you visit this site and/or access our services, you accept the piracy policy that we have outlined here. For more information on our terms and conditions, please visit the appropriate page on the Medzone Clinic terms and conditions page. 

What Information Does Collect?

We have broken the information down that we collect into two sections: the information that you provide to us voluntarily and the information that we automatically collect from website visitors. 

The information that you voluntarily provide and which we keep can include your name, email address, and/or telephone number. This can encompass any information that you provide via a contact form or questionnaire that you fill out. All such information is stored securely on our servers. 

This information is used for communication purposes, to reply to inquiries or requests, to manage and optimize the quality of experience for the website users, and to maintain shipping information for future business transactions. 

Website Cookies

Another type of stored material, the information automatically collected from website visitors, includes “cookies.” HTTP cookies are small packets of information transferred from a web server to a website visitor’s hard drive. These bits of data serve several important functions, including storing information on your page views, the email addresses that you provide, your IP address, your operating systems, and your browsing history on Medzone Clinic. All of this information helps us customize your web experience, streamline your access to our services, and remember payment information for faster, more convenient service. 

Should a visitor to our website wish to disable cookies, clicking on your web browser’s toolbar and then clicking on the “help” button will allow you to accomplish this. You also have the option of setting your browser to alert you when a cookie is transferred to your hard drive. 

Web Beacons

In addition to web cookies, we may automatically collect web beacons (sometimes called “web bugs,” “internet tags,” “pixel tags,” or other names), which are used to document your interaction with any content or ads hosted on the site. The web beacon functions as a transparent graphic image atop the web page or in email, which shows whether a page or email has been forwarded or been viewed. The web beacon may also provide third parties with access to information such as the internet protocol (IP) address of the computer on which the downloaded page landed, the page’s URL, the time and date during which the beacon was viewed, the browser type used, and any information contained in cookies from third parties. 

In combination, web beacons and cookies (known as “site cookies”) allow us to target the unique interests of each user in order to better serve our clients and patients with an optimized user experience on our site. 

In the same way that a user of our website can disable cookies, web beacons can also be disabled through the “help” section on most web browsers. 

How Uses Collected Information

The information that Medzone collects from website visitors may be used for any or all of these purposes:

  • To optimize the function of the site for a user-friendly experience
  • To turn feedback into actionable items to improve services and products offered
  • To design contests, promotions, surveys, or other special events on the site
  • To more rapidly respond to requests for customer service by having more accessible information readily on hand
  • To update users with information on topics of interest to them


When you supply your email address and other personal information, we may use it to send you electronic newsletters, or “E-newsletters.” These newsletters are intended to alert our clients and patients to share updates to our existing products services, new or updated products, company news, etc. 

We may rely for operational efficiency on third-party service providers to produce and send these e-newsletters on our behalf, in which case we may share your information. 

Should you wish to opt-out of receiving these e-newsletters or request us not to share your information with third-party service providers, you may request us to do so by email, phone, or postal mail. May Share Information With Secure Third Parties

Users acknowledge that Medzone may share user information collected from site visitors with third parents in order to provide more and better services to the patients that we serve. 

The third parties that we partner with have agreed to responsibly and safely handle your data. Examples of the types of information that we typically share with outside groups can include:

  • Visitor aggregate statistics
  • Users’ behavior patterns while visiting our site
  • Traffic data

Please note that, unless we alert you and you give prior consent, we will not share any information that personally identifies users, such as names, credit card numbers, or other sensitive materials. 

Under certain circumstances, we may be compelled to share your personal information if:

  • Required by law to comply with laws or legal processes served on Medzone Clinic or its respective website
  • Protect the rights of our property, website, or users
  • To personally protect our safety, our users’ safety, or public safety

How We Protect Users’ Information deploys specialized encryption software to protect the security of information transmitted from users to our website. This encryption protection extends to data stored in our customer list, access to which is limited to a “need to know” basis. We take all reasonable precautions to ensure that unauthorized third parties, including potential hackers, cannot access such information. 

In addition to software encryption, we use a firewall to prevent undesired access to protected information. Although Medzone cannot guarantee with certainty the protection of vital information, we take every reasonable step possible to prevent such breaches. 

The data that we protect includes:

  • Users’ personal information
  • Password
  • Username
  • Transaction information
  • Data stored on the website

Medzone.Clinic Protects Children’s Privacy does not market its products or services to minors. All products and services featured on Medzone’s website are intended for adults age 18 or above. Accordingly, we do not knowingly or willingly collect any information from minors.

Third-Party Websites

Frequently, features links to other websites that offer complementary services or are otherwise related to the business that we conduct. Examples might include advertisers, sponsors, partners, supplies, or other affiliated entities. 

Please note that we do not exert any control over the content on these third-party websites. Accordingly, we cannot be held responsible for their privacy practices. In addition, the services, links, or content featured on those sites are subject to change, may have different privacy or customer service policies. Users should be aware of these warnings when visiting linked sites outside of 

Most websites feature their own privacy sections where their policies are laid out. Please refer to those for relevant information. 

Alterations to the Privacy Policy reserves the right to amend this privacy policy without prior notification. If and when our policies change, we will alert users with an “updated date” which signifies the time at which the policy change.  

Given the potential for change, users should frequently revisit our privacy policy to stay up to date on the latest changes. By using our website, users acknowledge that it is incumbent upon them to stay updated on our privacy policy, note any changes, and adjust accordingly. 

Acknowledgment of Terms

Your use of this site constitutes acceptance of the privacy policy as described here. If you do not consent to the terms described here, please refrain from using our site. Should the terms of use or privacy policy change, your continued use of our website constitutes acknowledgment and acceptance of said changes. 


To get more information on our privacy policy as described above, or for clarification of the terms discussed here, including how we use your personal information, we can be reached by email at [email protected] or by phone at (818) 232 5775 

When you contact us via email, we will be happy to assist you with the following requests, on the condition that we have such records:

  • Share any personal data we have stored about you
  • Correct any incorrect information we have about you
  • Delete any data we have about you that you would not like us to store
  • Provide notification to us that you do not wish to share your personal information for promotional/marketing purposes. 

In addition, we are available to receive mail at the following address:

4940 VAN NUYS BLVD #200

Los Angeles, CA 91403 (Mail Address)

Please remember that we reserve the right to alter the privacy policy of the company at any time. We commit to posting notices to our front page in the event that such changes occur.