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Results of HGH Therapy

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It is not uncommon today to see HGH before and after advertisements and pictures online and in magazines. Human growth hormone is often touted as a wonder drug – a sort of fountain of youth. However, we caution you not to believe what you see or read without engaging in some necessary research. In this review of HGH therapy, we examine the facts and look at realistic information about what adults diagnosed with growth hormone deficiency can expect from treatment.

How long does it take to see results from HGH shots?

Our timeline below separates the benefits on a month by month basis. While the results listed here are averages, they provide an assessment of what most people can expect to achieve. Individual results may vary by a month or so in either direction.

By understanding these legitimate HGH before and after expectations, a person can enter treatment with realistic goals in mind. That is the best way to avoid frustration and concern that HGH therapy is not working.

Many people speak of HGH anti-aging before and after results that make them look or feel years younger. Anti-aging is an interesting topic. It often conjures images of staying young forever – an impossibility no matter how you look at it. With each passing year, the body will age. The goal of many anti-aging practitioners is not to stop time, but rather to help the body age gracefully, maintaining health and youthful appearance well into old age.

At our clinic, we do not engage in anti-aging practices as we believe them to fall short of the ultimate goal – helping the body perform at its best at any age. To do so, we give the body back the hormones that it lacks. Once the body has what it needs to function properly – it will. Remember, HGH therapy is a medical treatment for a condition that occurs when the pituitary gland no longer produces enough growth hormone for the body’s needs.

Get the facts about HGH before and after to fully understand what human growth hormone therapy can do for you.

What Will Change After You Start HGH Therapy?

When growth hormone levels are low, the body’s many GH receptor cells do not receive the stimuli necessary to engage their actions. Depending on the location of the cells in question, those activities can include:

  • Promoting proper metabolism
  • Supporting learning, memory, and other cognitive processes
  • Promoting healthy sexual functions and responses
  • Balancing emotional feelings
  • Maintaining a healthy immune system
  • Stimulating the cell regeneration necessary for the maintenance of muscles, bones, organs, skin, nails, and hair
  • Regulating temperature, cholesterol, and blood pressure levels

Knowing how much growth hormone does for the body, it is not surprising that most people want to know how long for HGH results. After all, the purpose of treatment is to restore proper function to each of these areas.


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How long does it take for HGH to show results?

Most people will start to feel some of the effects of human growth hormone therapy within two weeks of beginning treatment. We recommend taking HGH before and after photos, which will help you track your progress over the next six months.

Some of the areas of interest include:

  • General Influence On Health

Here you will find improvements in cholesterol, blood cell production, blood pressure, and circulation, which will help your heart. Because HGH supports cell regeneration, the body’s internal organs will stop shrinking, which can happen with age. Instead, they will regain their proper structure for better functions. HGH also improves thymus size and function, crucial for keeping the immune system working strong to fight off invading microorganisms. With its stimulation of metabolic processing of food, most adults find it easier to burn through stored fat reserves to achieve a more physically toned and healthy body.

  • Appearance Changes

Rapid or premature physical signs of aging that accompany growth hormone deficiency include sagging skin, wrinkles, thinning hair, balding, and brittle nails. By increasing HGH levels, these changes reverse for a more youthful, healthier appearance.

  • Body Changes

Physical signs of adult growth hormone deficiency include height shrinkage due to decreased bone mineral density, muscle loss, and weight gain. Taking HGH results pictures before starting treatment and then at the three and six-month marks will show how your body changes over time.

Quite a lot will change as you look back at your HGH before and after photos.

Real Results of HGH Therapy: Patient Reviews and Pictures

The real results of our patients show in their reviews as well as their HGH before and after pictures.

No man should have to worry about sex drive in his fifties, yet that is what happened to me. Sure, I had put on a few pounds and stopped working out, but that was all because I wasn’t sleeping well at night and had no energy to exercise. Thanks to the HGH therapy I received from your clinic, all that has changed. I have lost those extra pounds, have plenty of energy (both day and night) for everything I want to do. Yes, that includes the best sex I have had in years. Thanks for helping me get my life back on track.

Ben, 58 years old
On HGH Therapy results

Ben, 58 years old, on HGH therapy results

I did not want to turn fifty looking like I was seventy years old. For years, I have dyed my hair every three weeks and used every product on the market to try to get rid of my sagging skin and wrinkles. Nothing worked until I found your clinic and HGH therapy. Within three months, I started to see quite an improvement in my skin tone as the wrinkles began to fade. I just reached the six-month mark of my treatment and had my fiftieth birthday party. A friend whom I hadn’t seen in almost a year asked me if I had plastic surgery – I look that good! Even my natural hair color has started to return – I almost forgot what shade it was from the years of hair coloring.

Penelope, 49 years old
On HGH Therapy results

Penelope, 49 years old, on HGH therapy results

I thought I was too old to start hormone therapy when I turned 70. After retiring, my goal was to finally travel the world and do everything I never had time to do while working and supporting a family. The only problem was that I was overweight, had terrible joint pains, and my health was not that good. After contacting your clinic for hormone testing, your doctor prescribed HGH therapy.

Imagine my surprise when I started to lose weight without trying. Not only did my joint pains begin to subside, but I also felt stronger and healthier. It has taken eight months of treatment so far to get to this point, but I have finally planned my first trip overseas for six weeks. Best of all, I can take my HGH injections with me since the ones I use do not require refrigeration.

Harold, 71 years old
On HGH Therapy results

Harold, 71 years old, on HGH therapy results

Timeline of Results During Growth Hormone Therapy

It is time to answer the question, how long does HGH take to show results. In the timeline below, we provide a monthly guide to HGH before and after benefits. Our first entry shows what most people can expect just a few weeks into their treatment.

Few first weeks of therapy

Most people notice these changes by the end of the second full week of treatment

  • Ability to fall asleep faster at night and stay asleep longer with fewer disturbances and incidents of waking
  • Feeling more energized in the morning with added stamina
  • Better sense of humor – laughing more frequently

Results after 1 month of HGH therapy

These results are fairly common after 1 month of treatment and include building on those that came before

  • Increased feeling of sexual desire along with more sexual fantasies and thoughts
  • Decreased feelings of depression, stress, anxiety, and irritability
  • Brighter mood and outlook for the future, fewer mood swings
  • Some men may notice improvements in erectile functions
  • More self-confidence and focus
  • Cortisol levels significantly decline
  • Insulin growth factor 1 and testosterone production improve
  • Inflammatory markers start to decrease at the cellular level

Results after 2 months of HGH therapy

The previous benefits continue to improve after 2 months

  • Metabolism starts to increase and may begin to influence abdominal fat retention
  • Tissue regeneration resulting from better cell reproduction starts to improve muscle mass
  • New hair strands may begin to grow in thicker and faster
  • Sexual function significantly improves for many people
  • Increased collagen and elastin production begin to firm and tighten the skin
  • Some early fading of fine lines and wrinkles is possible

Results after 3 months of HGH therapy

At 3 months into treatment, most people start to notice significant changes in appearance

  • Skin elasticity and thickness improve, reducing the appearance of sagging and wrinkles
  • Cellulite appearance improves
  • Memory and cognitive functions strengthen
  • Nails are no longer brittle and resist chipping
  • Loss of additional abdominal fat and increased lean muscle mass begin to transform the appearance of the body
  • Clothes start to fit better
  • The immune system strengthens
  • Women experience reduced symptoms of PMS and menopause
  • Exercise capacity increases as the body also recovers faster from muscle use
  • Better quality of life
HGH before and after results benefit all areas of the body from head to toe. Fill in the contact form and find out what results you can get.

Results after 4 months of HGH therapy

Many of the benefits seen now incorporate improvements in those that came before

  • Drive and motivation significantly increase
  • Reduced joint pains and bodily stiffness
  • Increased productivity during the day
  • Positive improvements in muscle strength are seen
  • Cardiac functions start to improve

Results after 5 months of HGH therapy

Most of the benefits now are merely enhancements of those before

  • LDL cholesterol levels become lower
  • Better physical contouring of the body

Results after 6 months of HGH therapy

You and your hormone provider will assess your progress after 6 months of treatment

  • Natural hair color may return
  • Cholesterol and blood pressure levels more normalized
  • Inflammation markers continue to improve
  • Reduced intimal media thickening in the heart
  • Improved cardiac output, left ventricular wall mass, and cardiac capacity for exercise

Although the bones continue to strengthen throughout HGH therapy, increases in bone mineral density may not be evident until 18 months into treatment.


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