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My blood testing showed that I do have low growth hormone levels – a condition that could be corrected with HGH therapy. It’s only been two months since I started HGH therapy, but I am already sleeping better at night, and I have more energy during the day. Even my feelings of depression are coming less often, and I am looking forward to further benefits over the next few months.

Alex, 38 years old
On HGH Therapy for Men

Modern Endocrinology: hormones and science facts

While the modern medical discipline of endocrinology (the systematic study of hormones and their integrative role in health) is less than a hundred years old, attempts to understand and benefit from optimizing hormones dates back thousands of years. Ayurvedic medicine, for example – the ancient Indian medical discipline – had a lot to say regarding how to optimize menstruation in women and limit the unwanted side effects that often accompanied a woman’s cycle. Although their understanding of hormones was archaic, these ancient Indian healers rightly recognized that they had an enormous impact on health, even thousands of years ago.

Since then, refined research techniques and rapidly advancing technology have opened entirely new avenues for studying hormones and translating that knowledge into practical, inexpensive methods for optimizing hormones.

The intensity of research into hormones accelerated in Europe and North America in the 1930s and 1940s. In 1935, a European scientist became the first to ever successfully extract and isolate testosterone from bull testicles. Estrogen, likewise, was first isolated from female horses by Canadian researchers in the 1940s. Research into human growth hormone (HGH) followed close behind.

Doctors of growth hormone replacement

Medzone carries on the pioneering spirit of these North American and European researchers to this day, always on the lookout to make HRT more effective and more affordable to reach an ever-growing number of patients who stand to benefit from the potentially transformative effects of therapy. Due to the wide-ranging impacts of hormones on human health, and the large array of organs and systems that they work within, the field of endocrinology may be best broken up into several sub-fields, or specialties, within the larger field of hormone care:

  • Lipid metabolism (fat storage and use). This includes studying the role that hormones play in regulating metabolism (energy use) and applying that knowledge to help patients achieve greater hormone balance and reach their weight loss goals.
  • Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals (EDCs). Researchers have identified multiple known EDCs that we commonly encounter in everyday life. Examples include additives to plastics such as Bisphenol A (BPA), heavy metals in the water like lead and cadmium, and chemicals in personal hygiene products like parabens.
  • Reproductive Health and the Role of Hormones. Serious and devastating sexual health issues are on the rise in the US and the wider developed world, due in large part to unhealthy lifestyle practices and environmental toxins that disrupt hormone function. Endocrinologists who specialize in the role of hormones in reproductive health look for innovative ways to solve these growing problems.
  • Cancer and the Role of Hormones. Cancer may have many causes, but the science is clear by now that hormones often play a critical role in spurring the development of cancer. Accordingly, endocrinologists who specialize in cancer research and treatment look for hormone-based solutions for cancer prevention, and possibly treatment, which may include HRT.

HGH doctors - hormones research

These represent just a few of the many sub-fields within the broader discipline of endocrinology. Many of our board-certified doctors are routinely nominated for the most prestigious awards in the endocrinology field by the Endocrine Society, including:

  • Vigersky Outstanding Clinical Practitioner Award
  • Roy O. Greep Award for Outstanding Research
  • Outstanding Leadership in Endocrinology Award
  • Gerald D. Aurbach Award for Outstanding Translational Research
  • International Excellence in Endocrinology Award
  • Sidney H. Ingbar Distinguished Service Award.
  • Outstanding Clinical Investigator Award