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Best HGH Injections in 2021-2022: US Market Review

The recombinant human growth hormone (rHGH), or somatropin, industry is evolving rapidly. To help our patients stay on top of the developments in the world of HGH therapy, we’ve compiled a comprehensive review of the US market for this year (2021) as well as a forecast for what to expect in 2022. Let’s get into this 2021-2022 US market review of available HGH medications and therapies. 

What Are the Best HGH Injections on the US market in 2021?

The best HGH injections have a few common threads. When browsing through your options for therapy as a patient, always look for these characteristics in an HGH drug:

  • Does it have clinical testing to back up its efficacy? The web is full of (free) resources like the publicly-funded National Institutes of Health (NIH) that offer access to large amounts of scientific research, including on various HGH supplements.
  • Is this medication authorized for use in US patients ? For health and safety, always look for the seal of approval on any HGH injection you are considering. 
  • Is the manufacturer well-respected in the pharmaceutical industry? Although many companies may pop up overnight, the safest bets are well-established pharmaceutical firms that have a track record of producing reliably high-quality HGH supplements. 

Accordingly, here is a list of the most-used and most highly-regarded HGH injections on the US market (and their manufacturers):

  • Norditropin – (Novo Nordisk)
  • Humatrope – (Eli Lilly)
  • Saizen – (EMD Serono)
  • Omnitrope – (Sandoz)
  • Genotropin – (Pfizer)
  • Zomacton – (Ferring)
  • Sogroya (Novo Nordisk) ((new))

What to Expect From the Best HGH Brands in 2022?

One of the most exciting developments in the world of HGH injections has been a potentially revolutionary new formula called (Sogroya somapacitan)

“The Sogroya (somapacitan) was approved on August 28 for adults with growth hormone deficiency. Sogroya is the first human growth hormone (hGH) therapy that adult patients only take once a week by injection under the skin; other hGH formulations for adults with growth hormone deficiency must be administered daily.”

Sogroya belongs to an emerging class of HGH injections called “long-acting GH (LAGH) analogs.”

This is big news for patients who are fearful or needles or who simply don’t want to carry their HGH injections with them on a daily basis. In research published in Frontiers in Endocrinology, scientists note the enormous upsides of these LAGH analog medications: 

“The major usefulness of LAGH analogs when compared with current rhGH formulations is that the former requires significantly lesser number of injections compared to the latter… the available data seem to suggest that LAGH analogs are a useful addition to currently available daily rhGH injections, especially for patients who are not coping with the rigors of daily rhGH injections but yet are wanting to continue as they are obtaining clear benefits from this therapy.”

Although there is less clinical data to back up the long-term safety and efficacy of Sogroya compared to better-established HGH injections, we can look to more research in 2021-2022 as well as more availability of these unique HGH formulations to interested patients.



Identifying the Best HGH injections for You

Here, we will break down what you can expect from a high-quality HGH injection that works as intended to safely elevate circulating HGH levels and reap the numerous benefits of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) with synthetic HGH. Then, we will contrast that with what you might expect to experience in a worst-case scenario, in which the  patient may choose the incorrect HGH injection, the medication may be substandard or fake, or may not produce the intended results. 

What to Expect in the Best-Case Scenario

So, you’ve noticed some of the telltale signs of HGH deficiency (poor mood, chronic fatigue, muscle loss, unwanted fat gain, low energy levels, etc.) and done the right thing by seeking professional medical care from a licensed provider. In this instance, here is what you can expect when your HGH replacement therapy with injectable HGH works as it should and everything goes smoothly:

  • In consultation with your endocrinologist (hormone doctor), you work to develop a sound protocol based on your individual goals, healthcare needs, and underlying medical condition. The proper blood testing is conducted to diagnose the extent of your deficiency as well as to identify any potential red flags before beginning therapy (such as untreated thyroid disorders or cancers). 
  • Your doctor writes a prescription for your somatropin, which you then find the best price for using online pharmacies that may offer heavy discounts. 
  • The multiple proven benefits of HGH supplementation for patients with deficiencies bear fruit over the course of therapy. Below is a chart outlining the general timeline that you can expect to achieve results and their corresponding timeframes. 
General Timeline for HGH Therapy Results
2 weeks
  • Improved sleep (circadian rhythm).
  • Greater energy levels.
1 month
  • Better mood (lifting symptoms of anxiety and depression).
  • Lowered cortisol counts.
1-2 months
  • Better focus.
  • Increase in cardiovascular stamina.
  • More positive outlook on life in general.
2 months
  • Improved metabolism translating to more energy.
  • Improved libido.
  • Reduction in fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth, eyes, and forehead.
3-4 Months
  • Increased skin thickness and elasticity – less sagging and wrinkles.
  • Stronger nails.
  • Sharper memory.
  • Enhanced cognitive function.
  • Immune system strengthening.
  • More drive, determination, motivation, and productivity.
  • Enhanced state of emotional well-being.
  • Faster, thicker, fuller hair growth.
  • Significantly increased muscle strength.
5+ Months
  • Decreased inflammatory markers.
  • Enhanced cardiac capacity for exercise.
  • Better stroke volume and fractional shortening.
  • Decreased blood pressure levels.
  • Increased nitric oxide generation (thanks to better levels of IGF-1).
  • Reduced atherosclerosis.
  • Your expert endocrinologist carefully tracks your progress with frequent routine blood testing and follow-up appointments to assess how you are responding physically and mentally to treatment. 
  • You experience no or limited side effects of HGH therapy (see worst case scenarios below for a rundown of potential side effects)
  • Your HGH levels rebound to healthy levels based on testing after therapy and you enjoy your rediscovered youthful vitality and lust for life.
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What to Expect in the Worst-Case Scenario 

Now, let’s take a brief overview of what challenges you might expect to face in a worst-case scenario if you don’t follow the guidance laid out here or the critical advice of your endocrinologist:

  • You do not take the time to develop an individualized treatment plan based on your personal health status and wellness goals. 
  • Your doctor does not order the appropriate and necessary routine blood testing before beginning therapy, and so you are at risk of potentially negative (or even deadly) adverse reactions that you cannot anticipate. 
  • You either do not visit a doctor at all or your doctor fails to provide a prescription for HGH injections. Instead, you look for HGH injections on your own, potentially exposing yourself to dangerous or substandard unlicensed medical supplies and risking your health and even your life. (1 in 10 medical supplies from the Third World is fake or substandard). 
  • You likely end up paying more than you should because you didn’t know where to look for the best deals on your HGH injections
  • You experience either limited benefits of none at all following therapy based on the chart above. 
  • Your risk of developing dangerous side effects is much higher. Common adverse effects associated with HGH injections include muscle or joint pain, swelling (edema), numbness or tingling (paresthesia), headache, back pain, breathing difficulties, and more. 
  • Despite significant investment and risk, your HGH levels may not rebound due to the poor quality of the injection or an incorrect dosage because you did not properly consult an experienced medical professional or undergo routine monitoring. 

How to Select the Right HGH For Your Wellness Goals

Part of developing a successful treatment protocol depends on selecting the ideal HGH injection to meet your goals. Although all approved HGH injections are shown to elevate circulating HGH levels in the body, certain formulations may be more beneficial than others in terms of achieving specific outcomes. Here is a brief guide to selecting the ideal HGH injection to meet particular healthcare goals. 

Best HGH Injection For Muscle Growth/Development

Omnitrope (manufactured by Sandoz) is your go-to HGH injection for proven muscle development. As researchers in one study published in the Journal of Endocrinological Investigation noted:

“Patients with adult-onset GHD have difficulties in controlling their body weight, show increased body fat (more specifically abdominal fat), and decreased muscle mass with reduced muscle strength and exercise capacity… This study confirms the effectiveness and safety of Omnitrope® in adult patients with GHD.”

So, if you’re looking for an HGH injection with a proven track record of boosting muscle mass via increased HGH levels, go with Omnitrope. 

Best HGH Injection For Weight Loss and Fat Burning

Researchers have extensively documented the potential of HGH injections (somatropin) to induce fat loss and shred hard-to-shake belly fat (visceral fat) that accumulates in men around the belly and in women around the hips and thighs:

“Growth hormone (GH) can induce an accelerated lipolysis. Impaired secretion of GH in obesity results in the consequent loss of the lipolytic effect of GH… GH accelerates body fat loss.”

 Norditropin (manufactured by Novo Nordisk) is an excellent option for supercharging lipolysis (fat burning) to create a more youthful, toned, shapely physique. 

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Best HGH Injection to Enhance Athletic Performance

Many patients are primarily interested in boosting their athletic performance, either for an edge in competition or just to be fitter and more functional in their workout routines. Researchers in one study out of the Oxford Journal of Endocrinology administered “rhGH (Humatrope, Eli Lilly) 0.5 U/kg/week or placebo” to patients over a six-month course to monitor the effects of HGH injections on cardiovascular function:

“GH replacement [with Humatrope] has favourable cardiovascular and renal effects including increase of stroke volume and glomerular filtration rate with reduction of peripheral resistance.”

Accordingly, Humatrope (manufactured by Eli Lily) has the clinical backing to support its role as an ideal HGH injection for boosted athletic output.

Best HGH Injection For a More Youthful, Vibrant Physical Appearance

Several studies have borne out the effectiveness of HGH for improving physical appearance, increasing skin thickness and elasticity, and reversing the signs of aging in patients who receive it:

“The application of GH decreased the signs of biological aging. The treatment led to an improved body condition, with an increase of muscle mass and osseous density and a decrease of adipose tissue. Moreover, an increase of skin thickness was observed.”

The researchers go on to note that “while natural aging is genetically determined, extrinsic aging can be prevented” – meaning that HRT with growth hormone can mitigate the natural aging process to help you stay healthier and younger-looking deep into your golden years. The HGH injection Genotropin (manufactured by Pfizer) is particularly effective in terms of smoothing and filling out aging skin for a more vibrant appearance – one of the reasons that women, especially, opt for Genotropin. 


How to Select the Best HGH For Your Wellness Goals


HGH Products to Avoid (and Why)

Not all HGH supplements are created equal. Here are a few HGH products to avoid altogether:

  • Any unregulated, unlicensed HGH supplements from the Third World (for the reasons explored above)
  • HGH “pills” – many “pills” marketed as HGH boosters are simply overpriced amino acids. Although sourcing amino acids (ideally from diet) is beneficial, this strategy alone cannot treat a deficiency caused by inadequate HGH production in the pituitary gland. Patients with diagnosed deficiencies, who require therapeutic intervention, are wasting their money on these supplies. These are often marketed as “HGH boosters.” 
  • Topical HGH products such as creams or lotions. Although these mediations may modestly improve HGH levels, they are sub-optimal. Somatropin (synthetic HGH) is most effective when injected subcutaneously (under the skin) or intramuscularly (directly into muscle tissue)

Is There an Ideal HGH Supplement For Bodybuilding? 

As we discussed previously, Omnitrope (manufactured by Sandoz) is an excellent somatropin formulation for spurring muscle development. When combined with a regular weightlifting routine, this powerful combination makes for bigger, stronger, more impressive musculature. 

How to Get the Most From Your Chosen HGH Supplement in 2021-2022

In addition to regularly and faithfully sticking to your HGH supplement protocol developed in cooperation with your endocrinologist, there are several ways to make sure you are getting the maximum possible benefit from your supplementation. Here are a few key tips to get the most out of your chosen HGH supplement in 2021-2022:

  • Look for HGH supplements that minimize waste. 
  • Exercise regularly.
  • Sleep at least 7-9 hours per night.
  • Intermittent fasting (IF). As one of the most effective natural means possible to supercharge endogenous HGH production, you can easily incorporate IF into your daily routine by simply skipping breakfast and limiting caloric intake between a 12pm-8pm window each day. 
  • Arginine supplementation.
  • GABA supplementation.
  • HGH-friendly diet (fish, raspberries, tomatoes, nuts, eggs, mustard seeds, grapes, raspberries).