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Depo-Testosterone: Therapy Details

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Male hypogonadism (low testosterone, Low T) responds well to treatment with Depo-Testosterone injections. Men who suffer from testosterone deficiency often exhibit many symptoms or signs associated with the condition. Any form of hormone replacement is a complex therapy requiring the diagnostic and treatment services of a hormone specialist or endocrinologist. This report covers the details of Depo-Testosterone therapy, including indications and contraindications, prescribing information, reviews, and answers to frequently asked questions.

Most men who deal with Low T develop the associative symptoms later in life. Although certain conditions can cause low testosterone at a young age, including Klinefelter syndrome, undescended testicles, Kallmann’s syndrome, and mumps orchitis, the majority of issues occur many years later.

Depo-Testosterone Therapy Details


Men who can benefit from Depo-Testosterone therapy may develop hypogonadism in direct conjunction with the natural aging process where testosterone production begins to decline in one’s twenties. After twenty to thirty years of a 1 to 2 percent reduction, serum testosterone levels can be as much as 40 percent lower by age fifty.

Other causes of low testosterone in men include:

  • Hemochromatosis – excess iron in the blood
  • Testicular tumor or injury
  • Tumor in the pituitary gland or hypothalamus
  • Treatment (surgery, radiation, or chemotherapy) for any of the above tumors
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Pituitary or hypothalamic disorders
  • Certain types of inflammatory diseases, such as tuberculosis, histiocytosis, sarcoidosis
  • Medications such as opioids
  • Obesity
  • Sedentary lifestyle – lack of exercise
  • Not getting enough sleep
  • Substance abuse

At any point in adulthood, Depo-Testosterone can step in and restore critical androgen hormone balance in the body.

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The Essence of Treatment with Depo-Testosterone

The use of Depo-Testosterone benefits men with Low T by increasing the amount of testosterone in their bloodstreams. Testosterone plays a critical role in protecting the bones from becoming brittle and weak, the muscles from decline, and maintaining healthy metabolic functions to keep weight and blood sugar levels in check. Low testosterone is often associated with obesity, cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, and many other detrimental health conditions.

Below we provide some crucial information to know before starting Depo-Testosterone therapy:


Depo-Testosterone is indicated for men with primary, secondary, or tertiary hypogonadism – symptoms include the following:

  • Lack of energy
  • Muscle and bone decline
  • Sleeplessness
  • Weight gain
  • Hair thinning or loss
  • Low sex drive
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Depression
  • Anxiety and stress
  • Poor self-image
  • Social isolation
  • Impaired cognitive functions
  • Forgetfulness
  • Lack of drive and motivation
  • Dissatisfaction with life
  • High cholesterol
  • Elevated blood glucose levels
  • Infertility – low sperm count


Depo-Testosterone use is contraindicated when any of the following conditions are present in men:

  • Cancer of the breast or prostate
  • Ingredient hypersensitivity (allergy)
  • Serious kidney, liver, or heart disease

Depo-Testosterone Injections

Pfizer produces Depo-Testosterone in 100 mg and 200 mg vials, as follows:

  • 100 mg/mL – 10 mL vials
  • 200 mg/mL – 1 mL vials
  • 200 mg/mL – 10 mL vials

For most males, one injection of Depo-Testosterone every two weeks is all that is necessary to restore androgen hormone balance. The dosage varies, depending on the following factors:

  • Age
  • Body composition
  • Health
  • Level of deficiency

Depo-Testosterone therapy is indicated for use when a man experiences symptoms associated with low testosterone levels.

Possible Cost of Depo-Testosterone Therapy

The cost of Depo-Testosterone therapy is primarily dependent on two factors: dosage and frequency of treatment. The higher the dosage, the more medication a man will need, and the more it will cost.

Unlike testosterone patches, skin and nasal gels, and transbuccal tablets that can cost anywhere from $500 to $1000 per month, injectable testosterone is significantly lower. Some men who opt to forgo the brand name testosterone cypionate injections may find that they spend under $100 per month for pharmacy-compounded testosterone.

Our medical advisors work closely with each person, reviewing pharmaceutical company assistance programs to determine if any meet our clients’ needs. We offer many affordable treatment options for various types of hormonal imbalance. In addition, we include all supplies needed with each Depo-Testosterone order. There is no need to run around town trying to find alcohol wipes, a Sharps container, or needles.

Depo-Testosterone Therapy in Our Clinic

Prescribing Information

Hormone specialists prescribe Depo-Testosterone following a medical consultation, blood analysis, and examination. The doctor will also review a person’s health history to determine if any pre-existing or prior conditions contributed to the decline in testosterone production.  It is also important to provide all medication information to the physician, including over-the-counter products as well as vitamins and supplements. Certain drugs and supplements could interfere with testosterone production.

Blood analysis is performed early in the morning while a person is fasting for the best results. The blood test results show only a partial story – symptoms will tell the rest. For example, one man may have clinically low testosterone levels, yet experience no signs of Low T. In that situation, the doctor would not prescribe Depo-Testosterone therapy for use as there are no symptoms to reverse.

Another man may have serum testosterone levels still in the lower normal range (300 to 400 ng/dL). While his blood test results may not support a diagnosis of Low T, if he has at least a few of the symptoms listed above, the doctor will likely prescribe testosterone therapy to increase his serum levels back up to around 500 to 650 ng/dL.

A prescription for Depo-Testosterone therapy requires both blood test results and symptoms of Low T to qualify for a diagnosis of hypogonadism.

Therapy In Our Clinic

Getting testosterone therapy, including Depo-Testosterone, differs significantly in our clinic from what you would generally expect to see when visiting a local endocrinologist. Today, telemedicine has moved into the forefront of healthcare, allowing patients to communicate with doctors and receive treatment via phone consultation.

By offering our clients free consultations by telephone, we save them the time and money that would have been spent coming to the clinic. There is also a higher degree of privacy and confidentiality when you do not have to worry about entering or exiting a hormone clinic.

Another benefit of our service is that we do not place a time limit on phone consultations. We want to ensure that each person has enough time to discuss their symptoms and ask any questions.

If you choose to contact our hormone clinic to inquire about Depo-Testosterone therapy, this is what you can expect:

  • Terms of Treatment: All initial consultations with our clinic are via phone, follow-ups to assess treatment results are by telephone or email – patient preference. Blood tests and physical examinations are at local facilities. Medical forms are online for easy completion.
  • Stages of Treatment: Following consultation and testing, our hormone doctor reviews the results and determines if treatment is necessary. If so, all medications ship directly from the licensed US pharmacy to your door. We will continue to monitor your progress regularly and reassess blood levels every six months.
  • Costs of Treatment: Thanks to our free consultation service, our treatment costs are significantly lower than what you would expect to pay at a local doctor’s office.

A prescription for Depo-Testosterone therapy requires both blood test results and symptoms of Low T to qualify for a diagnosis of hypogonadism.

Our Patients Reviews

My fiftieth birthday party was my turning point as the pictures showed that I looked significantly older than all my friends, even those younger than me. I had gained quite a bit of belly fat, had no muscle tone, my hair was thinning, and even my wrinkles had wrinkles. I found your clinic online and figured I had nothing to lose with a free phone call. Thanks to your affordable blood testing and easy examination process, I received my Low T diagnosis a few days later, with my Depo-Testosterone delivery soon after. It’s been four months since I started treatment, and now, I am happy to say I look as young, physically fit, and healthy as everyone else.

Gilbert, 51 years old
On Depo-Testosterone Therapy at Medzone

When my wife, kids, and grandkids started calling my “Grumpy” instead of “Grampy,” I knew something was wrong. I had never been that person – my optimistic attitude and enjoyment in life were gone. Instead, I felt depressed, moody, angry, stressed, and anxious all the time and had little desire for any social activities or sex. At my wife’s insistence, I called and spoke with one of the medical advisors at your clinic. To say that call changed my life would be an understatement. After completing the diagnostic process, the doctor diagnosed low testosterone and prescribed me Depo-Testosterone injections once every two weeks. I still cannot believe how fast the shots worked – I had more energy almost immediately, and my wife and family said my attitude started to change within the first week. It’s only been one month, but the results are extremely promising.

Bertran, 63 years old
On Depo-Testosterone Therapy at Medzone

I have always been active on the tennis and basketball courts, even at my “advanced” age. That is why I got concerned when I started slowing down and waking up with aches and muscle stiffness in the morning. My tennis partner (who is a few years older than me) told me about how he got Depo-Testosterone therapy from your clinic to keep him going strong. I never realized he used testosterone therapy – I just figured it was good genes and a healthy lifestyle. After we talked, I called your clinic, and we scheduled my blood test at a nearby lab for the next day. Sure enough, I had low testosterone, which responded very well to the injections you sent to my house. Within only three months, the aches and stiffness were all gone.

Kevin, 76 years old
On Depo-Testosterone Therapy at Medzone

Questions & Answers

Is it legal?

The purchasing of Depo-Testosterone is only legal if you buy it from a licensed US pharmacy with a valid doctor’s prescription. Any other purchase (without a prescription or from a website not linked to a US pharmacy) is illegal.

Is Depo-Testosterone safe?

Treatment with Depo-Testosterone is safe when it is used as prescribed to treat low testosterone. It is not safe to use any form of testosterone that is purchased without a prescription or from unregulated websites. Much of the illegal testosterone entering the US is counterfeit.

How much should I take per day?

Your doctor will determine how much Depo-Testosterone your body requires. You will NOT inject Depo-Testosterone every day. It is a once every week or two treatment, dependent on what the doctor deems appropriate for your needs. Most men administer injections at home once every two weeks.

How Do I Inject Depo-Testosterone?

Men who give themselves Depo-Testosterone injections at home use the thigh muscle for their shots. It is an easy process, and we provide you with all the necessary supplies, instructions, video demonstration links, and we will even walk you through the first shot over the phone if you wish.

To learn more about Depo-Testosterone therapy, please contact our hormone clinic for your free, confidential consultation.

This medication can be sold only with a prescription of licensed doctor endocrinologist. Please click the button below, fill in the form and we will call you back to answer all your questions.
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