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GF-9 How Does it Really Increase HGH Levels

GF-9: How Does it Really Increase HGH Levels?

key points about gf-9 and hgh levels

GF-9 is among several HGH supplements or so-called “HGH boosters” that claim to be able to raise your HGH levels. However, such claims are dubious at best.

Growth factor-9, or GH-9, is one of the more recently trending HGH supplements or HGH pills that, like a similar product SeroVital, claims to be able to increase your HGH level in a way similar to authentic growth hormone replacement therapy.

But the truth is neither GF-9, nor SeroVital, or similar products really do what they claim, despite what their manufacturers say about them. There is little or no evidence to back up the claims that Growth factor-9 and related products can actually boost your HGH levels. The “clinical trials” that the makers of these products so often point to in their advertising were small, non-peer-reviewed studies usually paid for and done by the manufacturers themselves.

What Is Growth Factor-9?

Growth factor-9, also known as GF-9, is a product sold as a “nutritional supplement” that alleges its ingredients can raise your HGH levels and treat adults with age-related growth hormone loss. Do not be confused by such claims or by what GF-9 is. It is not “HGH,” nor does it contain HGH. Human growth hormone, or HGH, is a controlled substance. It is a pharmaceutical drug only available with a doctor’s prescription. Make no mistake; there is no such thing as “over-the-counter HGH” or non-prescription growth hormone.

GF-9 and similar products are usually combinations of proteins and amino acids that claim to be able to increase your HGH levels. Depending on those ingredients, they may do something to possibly increase HGH production — but nowhere near the extent to which the manufacturers claim and certainly not any near the effectiveness of authentic growth hormone injections or growth hormone peptide therapy for patients who have low HGH levels.

What Ingredients are Contained in GF-9?

GF-9 does not contain any HGH. It is a “patented” blend of amino acids. According to the label, GF-9 contains:

  • l-lysine HCl
  • l-arginine HCl
  • oxo-proline
  • N-Acetyl-l-cysteine
  • l-glutamine

list of amino acid structures_1

Do Amino Acids Really Increase HGH levels?

Bodybuilders, athletes, and fitness trainers have long known of the ability of amino acids to help build muscle and increase strength. This is because supplementing with aminos while intensely working out, can improve protein synthesis, and protein is needed to build new muscle mass. However, the effect of such amino acids to raise HGH levels is negligible at best. When a pro athlete or bodybuilder is taking amino acids or protein supplements while working out, any increases in HGH they see are coming from the strength training itself and NOT the amino acid supplements. High-intensity strength training, such as weightlifting, is known to boost HGH levels.

Has There Been Any Medical Studies on GF-9?

In GF-9’s very aggressive and overly hyperbolic advertising campaigns, you will often see it proclaimed boldly that in “clinic studies,” it has been shown to naturally boost your “HGH production up to 682%.” As if the sheer ridiculousness of that number weren’t enough to have you doubting the veracity of the claim – the study they are referring to was not even of THEIR product.

It was of another product SeroVital, which we already have mentioned on this page that shares dubious and over-exaggerated claims with GH-9. The study that GH-9’s makers are referring to in its ads was funded by Sierra Research Group, who tested SeroVital, which has the same ingredients according to the label as GH-9.

SeroVital is another “HGH booster” with a very questionable history of making false claims about its effectiveness and has been the subject of several lawsuits.

What Do People Say About the Effectiveness of GF-9?

Like any product sold on the internet, you will likely see many “positive reviews” of GF-9. But these should be read with a bit of cynicism. These reviews by “actual users” are usually paid for by the makers of these products or simply written by the manufacturers themselves. There is no law guaranteeing the veracity or authenticity of such reviews.

Furthermore, even if a particular person actually saw the benefits he or she claimed after taking growth factor-9, there is no reason to believe that you will experience the same or similar results, or if the results were actually from GF-9 or from other factors such as diet and exercise.

Is Growth Factor-9 Safe?

Since Growth factor-9 is basically an amino acid supplement, it is relatively safe, practically useless, but relatively safe. However, keep in mind that since it is sold as a nutritional supplement, there is no regulation regarding the safety of its ingredients. And not all of its ingredients have to be listed on the label, so there could be things in there that you are allergic to or that could have dangerous interactions with other drugs or supplements you may be taking.

As to the ingredients, we do know from the label, while they are all naturally occurring amino acids that your body does need, there have been known side effects to the overuse of amino acid supplements, such as paranoia and schizophrenia. Liver damage has also been recorded.

Is Growth Factor-9 FDA approved?

GF-9 is not FDA approved to treat any illness or condition. Do those words sound familiar? It is because they are part of the standard disclaimer made by any product like GH-9 that is sold as a nutritional supplement. Nutritional supplements such as Growth factor-9 are not drugs; therefore, they do not require FDA testing or approval. This pretty much means they can make any claims they want about their effectiveness and can include unknown and perhaps even dangerous ingredients that do not have to be listed on their labels.

GF-9 vs. HGH Therapy 

HGH   GF-9
Prescription Required YES NO
FDA Approved YES NO
Doctor recommended to treat growth hormone deficiency YES NO
Peer-reviewed studies that prove it raises HGH level YES NO
Peer-reviewed studies that prove it increases strength YES NO
Peer-reviewed studies that prove it increases sex drive YES NO
Peer-reviewed studies that prove it helps you lose weight YES NO
Peer-reviewed studies that prove it increases energy YES NO
Consumer complaints and lawsuits FEW  MANY

The Last Word About GF-9 Effectiveness

The bottom line about GF-9 is that if you are a relatively healthy person, taking it may help with protein synthesis and improve your strength and exercise capacity to some degree, as would any amino or protein supplement, but any claims about it “boosting your HGH” should be ignored.

If you are basically healthy, GF-9 will most likely not hurt you and may help you, but it is probably not worth the money you would be spending on it. GF-9’s sale price of about $100 a month is double and, in some cases, triple that of simple amino acid supplements that have the same basic ingredients.

But most importantly, if you are indeed suffering from age-related HGH decline, GF-9 will do little or nothing to help you, and in a way, do a lot to harm you, because it could keep you from getting the more legitimate treatment you may require.

If you are suffering from age-related growth hormone deficiency, the only medically proven treatment is authentic prescription growth hormone therapy.

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