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Saizen: Side Effects and Benefits

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The subject of human growth hormone (HGH) therapy for adults is one that requires a thorough understanding before starting treatment. Men and women should have a clear idea of the Saizen risks, side effects, and benefits before they receive a prescription for HGH injections. In this report, we look at the most common, rare, and dangerous side effects of Saizen. We also discuss some of the many benefits, including the use of HGH therapy for fertility.

Saizen side effects are uncommon when the medication is used as prescribed by individuals with growth hormone deficiency (GHD). Those most at risk of developing adverse reactions are the people who misuse, abuse, or illegally use HGH for purposes such as sports or physical enhancement or bodybuilding.

HGH treatment (somatropin) is a complex therapy that requires the authorization and supervision of a doctor highly trained in the field of hormone replacement (endocrinology). An endocrinologist is a medical specialist who studies and treats disorders of the endocrine system, home to the body’s many hormones.

Side Effects and Risks of Saizen HGH

By increasing low growth hormone levels in adults with HGH therapy, men and women experience Saizen benefits in the following areas:

  • Mood
  • Metabolism
  • Sleep
  • Immunity
  • Sexual Functions
  • Cognitive Processing
  • Heart and Organ Health and Functions
  • Cell Regeneration

The increase in Saizen risks occur when people who are not growth hormone deficient purchase and use HGH injections for off-label and unauthorized reasons.

Common Side Effects

The reason some people experience Saizen side effects is that they increase their growth hormone levels too high. That rarely occurs under doctor supervision because hormone specialists know how to calculate appropriate dosages.

Men and women who receive doctor-prescribed HGH therapy rarely experience adverse reactions, other than possibly injection site issues such as:

  • Itching
  • Swelling
  • Redness
  • Pain
  • Irritation

The next reason why the following most common Saizen side effects occur is while the body adjusts to the rise in GH levels from HGH therapy.  These reactions typically resolve themselves within a matter of weeks. That is also why doctors often put adults over age sixty on a lower dosage at first, giving their bodies time to adjust to the treatment before increasing to the desired level.

The most common side effects of Saizen include:

  • Nerve, muscle, or joint pain
  • Edema
  • Headaches
  • Cold-like symptoms
  • Insulin resistance

Most people do not experience any of the Saizen risks and side effects mentioned here when they follow all instructions provided by their doctor. HGH therapy is extremely safe for individuals diagnosed with growth hormone deficiency.

The best way to avoid adverse Saizen risks is to use HGH injections as prescribed to treat growth hormone deficiency.

More Rare and Dangerous Side Effects

Some Saizen side effects occur because people either do not realize or they ignore the signs their body is giving them that would point to having too much growth hormone. The first warning signs are the side effects mentioned in the previous section. If ignored or unnoticed, more severe and dangerous Saizen risks, often associated with long-term abuse or overuse, include:

  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Organ enlargement
  • Acromegaly

The following Saizen risks rarely occur, but do require contacting the doctor when noticed or experienced:

  • Numbness and tingling
  • Severe headache
  • Changes in heartbeat
  • Increased or decreased appetite or thirst
  • Unusual weight loss or gain
  • Overwhelming fatigue or depression
  • Vomiting, nausea, or abdominal pain
  • Rash, hives, swelling of the tongue, face, or throat, or breathing problems (allergic reactions)
  • Enlargement of the hands or feet
  • Vision changes or sudden, severe pain behind the eyes
  • Limping or hip or knee pain
  • Changes in the size of a mole

The primary takeaway here is that if you experience any concerning reactions from using Saizen, contact your prescribing doctor to discuss the situation.



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What Are the Risks

Next, we answer some of the most commonly asked questions about Saizen risks and side effects:

Does the method of injection increase the incidence of Saizen side effects such as pain or redness at the application site?

Using Saizen with a vial and syringes,, or easypod delivery system should not make much of a difference. Some people do find it easier to use an injector pen rather than a syringe. If you have a shaky hand, a pen injector may work better and decrease injection site reactions a bit.

Do other brands of HGH offer reduced side effects than Saizen?

There is no difference between Saizen and other brands of HGH, as long as the medication comes from licensed US pharmacies. Inferior quality brands, such as those purchased from unregulated websites, can lead to significant adverse reactions.

How do I minimize the risk of side effects from Saizen?

The best way to minimize the risks of HGH therapy side effects is by working with an experienced hormone specialist to diagnose and treat hormonal imbalance. Then, follow all directions for the use of Saizen and report any unusual reactions.

Understanding Saizen risks, side effects, and benefits is crucial for safe HGH treatment.

Saizen for Fertility and IVF

Some infertility specialists may also use Saizen to help with fertility for women, especially those using IVF treatments. Growth hormone is essential for ovarian follicle development. As women age, their GH levels tend to decline. Some females have trouble conceiving in later years – often caused by poor ovarian reserve.

Because HGH therapy for fertility is a time-sensitive and targeted treatment, there are few Saizen risks to report. The most likely issues are what we reported above for common side effects.

Here is how Saizen helps with fertility:

Infertility Control

  • Improves the quality of a woman’s eggs
  • Helps regulate hormones, including testosterone and estrogen (crucial for pregnancy)
  • Enhancing ovarian reserve

Use For IVF

  • Helps poor responders to IVF boost conception chances
  • Improves follicle growth and development

HGH may also help some men increase testosterone production and spermatogenesis, which can benefit male fertility.

As always, to avoid Saizen side effects, treatment must be performed under the supervision of a specialist.

Our hormone clinic offers help navigating the various pharmaceutical company assistance programs, as well as providing free phone consultations, low-cost, convenient hormone testing, and affordable treatment options.

This medication can be sold only with a prescription of licensed doctor endocrinologist. Please click the button below, fill in the form and we will call you back to answer all your questions.
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