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Endocrinology knowledge library

Medzone's expert endocrinologists rely on the latest scientific research to consistently develop a broader, more holistic understanding of the critical role that hormones play in safeguarding health throughout the aging process.

The medical industry is constantly advancing in its understanding of hormone health. Accordingly, our board-certified doctors maintain a commitment to continual education, diligently absorbing the latest studies in the field and regularly attending medical conferences with the leading experts in the field worldwide. As such, we utilize only the premier, peer-reviewed, most thoroughly vetted sources for our data that we use to inform best practices in our clinics. The top sources of information that our doctors rely on include:

Best HGH For Men Top Picks in 2021

Best HGH For Men: Top Picks in 2021

2020 was an explosive year for the human growth hormone (HGH) market. 2021 will be even bigger. As interest in the restorative, anti-aging benefits of HGH grows, so do sales figures for this powerful anabolic hormone. Experts predict that, by 2026, the global HGH market will...

How Can HGH Help With Joint Pain

How Can HGH Help With Joint Pain?

Millions of Americans struggle with joint pain. For some, even getting out of bed in the morning can be a challenge. In the long run, untreated joint damage can lead to debilitating pain and, ultimately, an increase in the risk of developing chronic health conditions...

Medzone doctors, leaders in the fields of endocrinology and anti-aging medicine, have graduated from the most prestigious medical institutions around the world, including:

  • Harvard Medical School
  • University of Minnesota
  • University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine
  • University at Buffalo School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences
  • Johns Hopkins University
  • Keck School of Medicine of USC
  • Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

These represent just a smattering of the top-tier schools that our doctors have earned their advanced degrees from. Prior to the 21st century, medical science had a very basic understanding of the role of hormones in maintaining optimal health throughout the lifespan. The unfortunate reality is that the importance of hormones like HGH, testosterone, and estrogen to human health was neglected for thousands of years of recorded history due to a poor collective understanding of the powerful nature of these molecules.

There is hope; millions of patients around the world have rediscovered their youthful vitality thanks to the pioneering work of doctors at Medzone and throughout the world who have dedicated their careers to unlocking the nearly limitless medical potential of hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

Hormones – of which the human body has more than 50 -- act as the "messengers" in the body that direct countless biological activities that sustain health ad life. As such, they impact the function and long-term viability of multiple organs, glands, and systems in the body. Hormones heavily influence, or outright control, the function of:

  • The heart
  • The brain
  • The reproductive organs
  • The liver
  • The kidneys
  • The lungs
  • Bone tissue
  • Muscle tissue
  • Prostate tissue
  • Adipose tissue

The future of anti-aging medicine, fueled by an ever-greater understanding of how hormones can slow or even reverse the process of aging, is bright. We forge ahead with our mission to help as many Americans as possible access the lifesaving benefits of HRT.